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When you should be falling asleep are you still thinking too much about unimportant things, that keep you awake?

Do you have trouble ‘turning-off that thinking mind’ when it is time to sleep’?

It is time to welcome better sleep.

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“Funny thing happened (following therapy yesterday), last night was the first time in about 5 years that I slept through 7 hours and was woken by my alarm (I don’t know what you do, but you do it well !  Thanks, David Bergl, Perth WA.

Welcome Better Sleep has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. ‘Click here’ to hear samples.


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Now you can Welcome Better Sleep.

“When the head hit’s the pillow, 

it is time to sleep.” 

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Peter Zapfella

Many people are not getting a good night’s quality or quantity of sleep. The good news is that hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming can help you to Welcome Better Sleep at bedtime without sleep medications. Now you can overcome worrisome thoughts that were keeping you awake, so you can make insomnia a thing of the past.

Welcome Dreams -Remembered

While around 1 in every 50 people consistently sleep less than 6 hours in every 24, and can remain fully functional, most of us need more sleep.

Healthy adults sleep somewhere between 7 and 8 hours in every 24, on average. It is not only the quantity but also the quality of sleep they get that is important to good physical and mental health.

The symptoms of lack of quantity and quality of sleep, or insomnia include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Often waking up early and unable to fall asleep again
  • Regularly waking up throughout the night
  • Moody and irritable during the day
  • Feeling fatigued during the day
  • Once this cycle develops, it tends to become habitual

Although insomnia might seem to be an isolated condition, these are the most common causes:

  • Excessive worry, leading to stress and anxiety
  • Physical pain
  • Abuse of sleep medications
  • Depression and/or trauma (PTSD)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Simulants, commonly caffeine and methamphetamine
  • Physical discomfort, too hot, too cold, too hard, too soft
  • Noise
  • Insects such as mosquitos
  • Video screen blue light

If you think any of these may be the cause of your sleep problems, or if anxiety, depression, or trauma may be the cause, the good news is they can be effectively treated by Peter Zapfella. ‘Click’ here to read details.

A Turkish study has found people who fall asleep on their right side experience better quality sleep than people who fall asleep on their left side or on their back.

Welcome Sleep Free From Nightmares.png min

If you have always had difficulty sleeping, or your symptoms are different, you should consult your medical professional.

If you think you may have an addiction or dependency to stimulants or sleep medications, they can all be overcome with assistance from Peter Zapfella. In this way you can Welcome Better Sleep.

How to treat insomnia without drugs?

Synonyms of sleep include; dreaming or doze or nap or nod off or repose or rest or shuteye or siesta or snooze or torpor or forty winks or sack time and slumber.

Welcome Better Sleep

Perhaps this is the single most important opportunity in your life up until this moment. Do yourself a favor, and download the Better Sleep MP3 now. Then listen, and listen again.  sleep improvement not insomnia by how to sleep better using sleep hypnosis and sleep relaxation techniques

Subliminal Affirmations Better Sleep

Advantages of Welcome subliminal affirmationsClick to see video

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Multiple Languages will build Internet Hypnosis dot Shop to more than 6000 Classic subliminal affirmation MP3’s by end 2024 in Chinese – Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian-Malay, Indian-Hindi, Arabic and of course English. 

No other subliminal affirmation MP3 download web site features multiple languages.

Hypnosis & affirmation linguistic errors English video ‘Click here’ 中文普通话视频.Video en español, Vídeo português. Video Indonesia. भारतीय हिंदी वीडियो. अरबी वीडियो.  فيديو خطأ باللغة العربية

Our self-talk is driven by our dominant emotions. The self-talk builds our self-beliefs which in turn create our behaviors. Habits are learned automatic behaviors.

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Are you a victim of circumstances beyond your control?

Are you at the ‘effect’ end of the ‘cause and effect’ paradigm?

– Peter Zapfella.

better sleep, with sleep quality, this is how to sleep better, with sleep hypnosis, and insomnia treatment

The Mind Is Everything.What you think you become. Buddha. min
The Mind Is Everything. What you think you become. Buddha

The more the Welcome Better Sleep messages are repeated, the more they can be uncritically accepted by your unconscious as a new truth. A simple message, repeated enough, will eventually become a new unconscious belief.  As you live that modified belief your outward behaviors will reflect that inner change. 

 If you listen to the Better Sleep MP3 while sleeping, on ‘repeat’ your unconscious mind will hear this message almost 400 times every night. If you were to listen to the ‘Environmental – Lake waves’ MP3 while sleeping, you could choose to also listen to the ‘Pleasant piano and guitar melody’ and/or the  ‘Zumba’ – Latin style dance music during the day. Then your deep unconscious would hear the affirmations repeated around 800 – 1200 times, while your logical conscious mind would hear it around 60 – 90 times. That’s powerful because a message repeated enough will become a new unconscious belief.

Welcome Sleep Free From Nightmares_min

The Welcome Better Sleep subliminal affirmations are clearly spoken once before they fade-down and ‘disappear’ from conscious awareness within masking music and environmental sounds, thereby foiling ‘adult’ conscious analytical thinking, which could otherwise ‘filter out’ messages. In this way, the listener knows for sure what their deep unconscious mind is hearing without listening to these messages its

Also because we all have different listening preferences, Welcome Better Sleep has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. ‘Click here’ to hear samples.

Every one of us is unique. We have all had different life experiences and we react to them differently too.

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest option is to download and listen to Welcome Better Sleep subliminal affirmations as recommended. This approach is very effective for many people while at the same time employing all of the techniques listed above.









PRIME HYPNOSIS MP3’s incorporating these affirmations, following a Classic hypnotic induction with professional hypnotherapists Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad will be added to the line-up during 2023. They will not be annoying and bothersome because they are delivered following an advanced hypnotic induction. They are abreaction free. Internet Hypnosis. Shop is the only web site with hypnosis MP3 downloads in English English language video , Chinese Mandarin 中文普通话视频. and Spanish Video en español. Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia Malay and Indian Hindi भारतीय हिंदी वीडियो  coming soon.

Welcome Prosperity Sleep min, Dynamic Action, Welcome Life Free From Depression, Welcome Life Free From Phobias, Welcome Life Free From Fear of Blood, Welcome Life Free Of Fear Of Surgery, Welcome Life Free Of Fear Of Snakes.

Hipno Hop Rap Better Sleep

Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy

Rhythmic, rhyming Rap speaks to the ‘street culture’ across different genders, ages, languages, nationalities, races and religions. They may not understand or trust ‘therapy’, and ‘hypnosis’. But they do understand Rap. In time, these therapeutic Hipno Hop Raps become new deep unconscious beliefs leading to new positive behaviors and emotions. They are hypnotically powerful.

‘Click’ on > to listen to sample Hipno Hop Rap

Every Hipno Hop Rap has a corresponding Prime Hypnosis and Welcome subliminal affirmation and can be combined for even more effective change.

These are building into an amazing Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy resource for individuals, parents, teachers, coaches, professional counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists everywhere.

Hipno Hop Rap Text: Better Sleep



An alternative option is to consult one-on-one with Peter Zapfella for psychotherapy tailored to you,  the individual, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy  ‘Click’ on the  skypetherapy.Live. image to read details., Skype, Skype Therapy, Skype Therapy Pro,


Wiljohn Rances

“I would be dead without your help. Thank you so much.” William Rances. Manila. Philippines.

“I have known Peter Zapfella since 2003. He is extremely passionate to his work as a therapist and always exudes genuine compassion for his clients. I am aware his hypnotherapy/NLP practice is highly regarded, as many of his clients refer their friends and family to him.” Dr. Richard Lee. Glen Forrest. WA

Click on the ‘101’ image below to read the excellent reasons why ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are your best choice.

Excellent reasons why




Subliminal Affirmation Text: Better Sleep

“You now prepare the body for sleep. You are comfortable. You are secure. You sleep peacefully now. The mind is now ready for a wonderful sleep. You release past worries as nothing more than learning opportunities. You are free. You are safe. You sleep peacefully now. You recognize the good in everything. Everything is as it should be. You are calm and peaceful now. You sleep peacefully now. You are now more clear in the mind, more relaxed in the body, you are more confident and coping better with everything and everybody because you know you are free of sleep problems forever and ever. You sleep peacefully now. When it is time to wake from this wonderful sleep you will feel refreshed, and happy – ready for a new day.”

This a Classic product from Cyber Sleeping® is a registered trademark (#1986082) of Peter Zapfella.

All of the ‘Welcome Better Sleep’ MP3’s are available individually or bundled and discounted by 50%.
They are; (1) Environmental ‘Gentle lake waves’ (2) Pleasant ‘guitar and piano’ music (3) Theta binaural waves. $14.95. ‘Welcome Better Sleep’ Environmental Rain MP3 will be added later.

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Please read the Subliminal Listening Guide before use.

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100% Lifetime Guarantee. Min
100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are so delighted with the Better Sleep subliminal affirmations they come with the same industry-leading, lifetime money-back, guarantee as all ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations. ‘Click’ on the image to read details.

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