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Time is slow when you wait. Fast when you are late. Deadly when you are sad. Long when you feel bored. Too short when you are with friends. Endless when you are in pain. Time is determined by feelings – not the clock.

Subliminal Affirmation Foreground Variants

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Because we all have different listening preferences, every ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation product foreground variant is a choice of foregrounds for you to choose from. You can download whichever foreground variants match your style and mood. Most foreground variants are read aloud once, so you can clearly hear the affirmation before it fades down into the background. The sound level of the spoken affirmation messages are low, but not ‘silent’. They are masked in the background by the foreground variants sounds so that your conscious mind can barely hear them. Studies prove this is the most effective subliminal level for success because the conscious mind knows they are there, yet they are not annoying.

Foreign Language ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations

Foreign lanhuages spoken at Internet Hypnosis Shop.

English – In addition to English, various foreign language ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are progessively being translated and recorded. A total of 6  languages with 5 vatiants each, through 2021 and 2022. Just like the English versions, they all feature an audible first read. They are;

Chinese Mandarin – 2021/22年将有超过200种流行的MP3用中文播放。

Spanish – Más de doscientos MP3 populares estarán disponibles en español en 2021/22.

Portuguese – Mais de cem MP3s populares estarão disponíveis em português em 2021.

Indonesian/Malay – Penegasan subliminal bahasa Indonesia tersedia pada akhir tahun 2021 dan 2022.

Indian Hindi – 2021/22 में भारतीय हिंदी में दो सौ से अधिक लोकप्रिय एमपी 3 उपलब्ध होंगे।

سيتم ترجمة ما يصل إلى مائتي تأكيد “ترحيب” مموه إلى اللغة العربية وتسجيل 2021/2022. – Arabic 

Why introduce foreign language subliminal affirmation titles?

Discounted Subliminal Affirmation MP3 Bundles

Foreground Variants. Bundles Discount-Convert.Image

Click > to hear about ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation Bundles by our hostess; Candy.

All ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation variants for each product are being progressively bundled together and discounted by up to 50 percent. So you can listen to different foreground masking sounds of the same affirmations. They may promote deep relaxation and sleep or activity, including driving, gym, and running. You can listen to some  ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations while doing other things.

Classic Foreground Variants

Environmental ‘Gentle lake waves is a Classic Welcome subliminal foreground. Gentle sounds of nature promote feelings of calm and relaxation. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 when driving or using machinery as it is very relaxing and may cause drowsiness and sleep.


Environmental ‘Gentle Lake Waves’

Click > to hear a sample of the lake waves..

Environmental ‘Gentle rain on a tin roof’ is a Classic. Natural sounds of our environment outside are reminiscent of tranquil relaxation on the inside, where it is most comforting. Gentle rain on a tin roof is being progressively introduced now and throughout 2021. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this Subliminal Affirmation MP3 when driving or using machinery as it is very relaxing and may cause drowsiness and sleep.


Click > to hear a sample of the rain..

Pleasant ‘guitar and piano’ melody is a Classic Welcome subliminal foreground. You will soon love these pleasant melodies somewhere in the background, as you go about your daily activities. As you consciously listen to the music your deep unconscious is listening and learning to the messages repeated every minute or so. Repetition creates positive behavioural chnage for the better. 


Click > to hear sample of the piano and guitar melody..

‘Country Guitars foot-tapping jigs’ with fiddle, and banjo is a Classic. Perhaps you can listen as you enjoy a glass of wine, a beer or a bourbon while watching the sunset after a long and successful day. The subliminal messages enter your deep unconscious mind as they bring positive permanent change throughout your life. Country is being progressively introduced now and throughout 2021.

Click > to hear sample of the country music.

‘Zumba’ style Latin dance music is a Classic Welcome subliminal foreground. Upbeat ‘Zumba’ style Latin dance music. Great for driving, gym, walking, running, dancing, and other physical activities.  An extended version is being introduced to new Welcome titles now.


Click > to hear sample ‘Zumba’ Latin dance music.

Subliminals In

Premium Foreground Variants

We will add a new masking environmental sound from July 2021 onward. Look at that beautiful scene of melted snow. Giant tree ferns and moss covered river rocks in a cool temperate valley. It is Environmental ‘Mountain stream’ with Surge Effect TM Great for listening while relaxing and sleeping. 


Click > to hear a sample of the mountain stream.

Four new music styles will be added to the menu from mid-2021 onward. These are

‘Inspiration Taking Flight’ with Surge Effect TM Soaring orchestral strings, choir, keyboard, percussion, then electronic music takes flight as it exhilarates the heart and mind. We spread our wings with this wonderful arrangement from  mid-2021. This will quickly become a favorite.


Click > to hear sample of the inspirational music.

‘Beautiful Latin and Pan Flute’ melodies with Surge Effect TM Everyone loves the haunting sounds of the pan flute. Be transported to the mystical Andes mountains in your mind, as you benefit from the positive affirmations deep within. Available from mid-2021 onward. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 if driving or using machinery, or if epileptic.


Leo Rojas Videos


‘Slow Keyboards and Guitars’ with Surge Effect TM and with ocean waves. A premium mix of slow music and soothing environmental sounds. look for it from mid-2021 onward. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 if driving or using machinery, or if epileptic


Click > to hear sample of the keyboard and guitar.

Binaural Wave Foreground Variants

There are four different binaural wave foreground variants.

These are;

  • Anti-Anxiety,
  • Beta (stimulating alertness/activity),
  • Theta (stimulating deep sleep), and
  • seXXX (stimulating sexual thoughts and feelings)

A binaural wave is an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to the listener dichotically. Binaural waves are most effective when heard with headphones, a different tone in each ear.

All ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation MP3’s have at least one optional binaural waves variant. This powerful feature is not included with the music and environmental sound variants, so you have a choice.

Most ‘Welcome’ titles incorporate an optional ‘Anti-Anxiety ‘binaural waves MP3, designed to help you feel more confident. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 if epileptic. If you feel drowsy while driving or using machinery stop.


Click > to hear a sample of the binaural waves.

Beta wave binaural is a Classic Welcome subliminal foreground. It is designed to stimulate and vitalize you while listening. Great for driving, gym, walking, running and other physical activities. These are being progressively added to many product variant choices during 2020 and 2021. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 if you want to relax and perhaps sleep, or if epileptic as it is designed to keep you awake. Some individuals report feeling exhausted if they listen for too long.


Click > to hear a sample of the binaural waves.

Theta binaural waves with Surge Effect TM is available as a Premium product. It can stimulate deep relaxation, and perhaps sleep. These are being progressively added to almost all product variant choices from mid- 2021. These will not have the audible first read of the affirmations, so you can restfully sleep through all night. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 when driving or using machinery, or if epileptic as this binaural is designed to cause the listener to feel drowsy.


Click > to hear a sample of the binaural waves.

The optional seXXX brain wave binaural beats is a Classic Welcome subliminal foreground. They are designed to make you more receptive to sexual thoughts and feelings while the unconscious mind is listening to the relevant subliminal affirmations. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 when driving or using machinery, or if epileptic.


Click > to hear a sample of the binaural waves.

Surge Effect Foreground Variants


Click > to hear more about the Surge Effect from our hostess; Candy

  • Subliminal Affirmations with Surge Effect TM are trademark owned and © copyright 2020 of Peter Zapfella exclusively for Internet Hypnosis. Shop. Surge Effect TM is a Premium Product.
  • This is how it works;
  • Premium Surge Effect TM MP3s run between 20 and 30 minutes (That is up to twice as long as the Classic titles). They can be played on ‘repeat’ or ‘loop’ for as long as you wish. You can select the foreground sounds to best suit your chosen activities. Perhaps relaxing, sleeping, or in the background at work. Alternatively, exercising, walking, running, at the gym – even dancing. You choose.
  • The main affirmation channel of positive messages is spoken by Peter Zapfella. He speaks to ‘you’ and ‘your’. In the second stereo channel the script is intentionally inclusive by saying ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ as appropriate. Never ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, ‘they’, ‘them’, ‘they’re’ or ‘their’, as other affirmation web sites incorrectly say.
  • Foreground variants Bundles Discount-ConvertImage
  • The second stereo channel is usually voiced by either;
  • Children’s category products are voiced by a child in the second channel saying ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’. A woman speaks in the first channel addressing ‘you’ and ‘your’. 
  • Using a randomized, nonblinded, repeated measures design study, 176 sleeping (stage 4 slow-wave sleep) children aged 5 to 12 years old were exposed to the voice of a female stranger. 83.0 percent responded. That is almost 5 percent more than the 78.4 percent who responded to the voice of their own mother. In another study, 84.6 percent responded to a stranger male voice, while almost 3 percent more, or 87.2 percent responded to a stranger female voice. Therefore all Internet Hypnosis. Shop ‘Welcome’ premium MP3’s for children feature the voice of Heather, our female voice-over artist, and Will our child voice-over artist. Peter Zapfella does not voice those titles at all.
  • The Men’s category products feature a mature man and/or a younger man, and in some titles a boy or a woman, as appropriate. They all say ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’, never ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, ‘they’, ‘them’, ‘they’re’ or ‘their’, as other affirmation web sites incorrectly say.
  • All Women’s category titles are stated by a woman in the second stereo channel.
  • Both Premium Welcome Subliminal Affirmation Surge Effect TM channels are dichotic. They ‘effervesce’, ‘swirl’ and ‘surge’, like a wave. Both voiced stereo channels could be heard by the listener’s conscious mind if the foreground sounds were absent. Presented dichotically they fascinate thedeep unconscious mind, causing some level of trance and therefore focusing it on the semantics, the emotion, and thereby cause dynamic deep unconscious change. This powerful hypnotic effect is exclusive to Internet Hypnosis. Shop premium subliminal affirmation Surge Effect TM.
  • For best results listen to Surge Effect TM through stereo earbuds or headphones. Unlike Classic ‘Welcome’ subliminal there is no audible first read because the conscious mind could become confused by the Surge Effect.  WARNING: DO NOT listen if driving, using machinery, or if epileptic, as the Surge Effect TM is designed to create deep unconsious trance. 
  • Surge Effect TM foreground variants are only available in Environmental ‘Mountain stream’, ‘Slow Keyboards and Guitar’,  ‘Inspiration Taking Flight’, ‘Beautiful Latin and Pan Flute’ melodies,  and Theta binaural waves (Relax and sleep) with Surge Effect TM.
  • They are all available separately and within discounted Bundles at www.InternetHypnosis.Shop. Rollout commences mid-2021.
  • The great advantage of Bundles is if listening to each MP3 variant of your chosen title just once, your deep unconscious will hear your affirmations subliminally repeated between 100 and 150 times. That’s powerful!
  • Unlike so many other things … you cannot overdose on Preium Surge Effect TM titles.
  • Synonyms of surge; effervesce, swirl, wave, whoosh, fizz, sparkle, froth, churning, foam,  deluge, flood, flow, rise, swell, upsurge, billow, efflux, gush, intensification, roll, surf, boil, churn, roil, twirl, whirl, curl, eddy, purl, roll, swoosh, whirlpool.
  • Surge Effect TM and logo are owned by Peter Zapfella.
  • © Copyright 2021 Peter Zapfella. All rights reserved. Backlinks invited.