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  • Guest visitors to Internet Hypnosis. Shop can now browse and create their own personalized collection of items of interest. This is the same thing as a ‘save for later’ or ‘favorites’ option.
  • This is handy because at Internet Hypnosis. Shop we understand that most of our guest visitors are just looking, comparing, exploring discounts, and saving information for later.
  • Guest visitors are educating themselves to understand more about hypnosis, subliminal affirmations, and neurolinguistics’ to determine the best way to treat their presenting problem. 
  • There is absolutely no pressure selling at Internet Hypnosis.Shop.
  • Importantly, Your Wishlists do not require tiresome registration or log-in processes. They require no effort, and are easy to use. Just ‘click’ the button, and it is done.
  • The “Add to Wishlist” button is conveniently located just above the “Add to Cart” button on the relevant product pages at Internet Hypnosis. Shop.
  • They simply improve your shopping experience by providing an opportunity to browse desired items now, and save them for possible ‘purchase later‘, without discarding or abandoning your favorite items.
  • We know finding exactly the right item takes time and effort. Abandoning them is a waste of your time and effort. There is nothing worse than trying to find that ideal item you really want, that was abandoned last week.
  • Your Wishlists are great for quickly finding items of interest now, and then returning to Internet Hypnosis. Shop again later to complete the purchase, and download your items.
  • Some people use the shopping cart to save items of interest. However, this can conflict with the functionality of the cart, which is to hold items for current purchases – not hold lists of favorites.
  • Adding items to the shopping cart means “I definitely want that”. Adding items to Your Wishlists means “I might want that.”
  • The “Add to Wishlist” button is conveniently located just above the “Add to Cart” button on the relevant product pages at Internet Hypnosis. Shop.
  • Now you can browse and re-evaluate items before deciding to purchase, or save if not needed urgently.
  • Your Wishlists are really important for mobile device shoppers (smartphones and tablets), who can browse items   perhaps while waiting for a train on the way home from work? Select and save favorite items without any obligation to purchase. Then revisiting later to reevaluate and perhaps purchase using a tablet, laptop or desktop?
  • Your Wishlists provide an opportunity to search for, and select various items and then move to cart when more convenient, perhaps in one combined purchase.
  • This is a great way to compile your gift lists for others.
  • These lists are great for reserving items that may be currently ‘out of stock’.
  • Privacy control: Customers can assign their Wishlist as public, shared, or private.
  • Share Your Wishlists with friends and family via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Email.
  • Perhaps, Your Wishlists could be used as a way to gently (indirectly) suggest a therapy to someone who you think would benefit, by sharing the item with them on social media?
  • Your Wishlists can be the easiest way to let people know what items interest you most. It can help them to select the gift they know you will really appreciate and want.
  • You get notification if the item already exists in Your Wishlist, when browsing.
  • An unlimited number of Your Wishlists can be created. Whether for a gift for someone, a project or personal — the possibilities are endless.
  • Bulk Actions: Manage Your Wishlists : Add multiple or all items to the cart, delete one or multiple items in an instant, update quantities for one or multiple items, and move one or multiple items easily to another list or to a new list.
  • Your Wishlists are saved up to 30 days without registration. So, make sure you check-back within a month.
  • Everything just became more flexible and easier at Internet Hypnosis. Shop, with Your Wishlists.
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Everything just became more flexible and easy at Internet Hypnosis. Shop, with Your Wishlists.

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