Why I am not ready to quit smoking yet.

Why I am not ready to quit smoking yet.

By Peter Zapfella.

Every smoker knows cigarettes are not good for them. Every smoker knows they spend too much money on tobacco. Research shows most smokers want to quit. So, why don’t they?

1. Fear of nicotine withdrawals.
2. Fear of stress and anxiety.
3. Fear of weight gain.
4. Fear of failure.
5. Fear of loss. Loss of a long time “friend”?
6. Fear of losing smoking social situations.
7. Fear of success.

Until a smoker eventually defeats these fears they will make excuses and say they are ‘not ready to quit yet’.

The facts are;

1. Fear of nicotine withdrawals. All reputable scientific research done in the past 25 years has confirmed that nicotine is NOT physically addictive, therefore there is no such thing as nicotine addiction or nicotine withdrawal – the whole nicotine addiction racket was designed to keep people smoking so the perpetrators could syphon off money from the unsuspecting ‘addicts’.

2. Fear of stress and anxiety. Some people think that smoking some how relieves stress and anxiety when research actually proves smokers have higher stress levels than non-smokers. Smoking actually causes stress because smokers worry about when they can have their next cigarette, or if they have enough to make it through the day. Now they worry if they are allowed to smoke or what other people will think of their dirty little habit.

3. Fear of weight gain. Some people who quit smoking put on weight only because they eat more – usually sugar based foods – as a substitute, They miss the ‘hand to mouth’ habit (see … thumb sucking) and the taste and smell’s associated with smoking.

4. Fear of failure. The research proves beyond doubt that the pharmaceutical approach to quitting smoking (patches, gum, pills etc.) fail as much as 93 per cent of the time. No wonder people fear failure – they were always meant to fail – so they would return to buy more expensive pharmaceutical product designed not to work. The government sponsored quit program has a similarly high failure rate. Why? Because they want your money!

5. Fear of loss. If tobacco has been a part of your daily life, and associated with almost every significant emotional event, then there may be a perceived threat of loss when it is gone. However when you quit the correct way with Peter Zapfella you will experience a feeling of freedom and release from slavery.

6. Fear of losing smoking social situations. Maybe there was a time when many people you knew smoked and it was socially acceptable. Times are changing and now most people look upon smokers are social lepers, misfits and emotional wheel chair cases. Maybe you started smoking because of ‘peer pressure’, now it is time to quit for the same reason. Plus of course – your own healthy future.

7. Strange as it may seem, some people actually fear success. They see themselves as loser’s and cigarettes fit that image perfectly. If they quit smoking they fear other people may recognise them as having achieved something significant. 

When a smoker eventually admits to themselves that all the excuses they had for smoking are now a farce. When they admit to themselves that tobacco smoking is really a game of suicidal ‘Russian Roulette’ it is time to quit playing games, and time to quit smoking.

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