Peter Zapfella has conducted therapies for corporate bodies for more than 15 years.

Corporate quit smoking is;
• Cost-Effective – return on investment up to 1.500 percent.
• Benefits in many areas of your business – not just financial.
• Proven Results – independently substantiated.
• One session – free of ongoing sessions.
• Free follow-up if an employee fails or relapses.
• Also available for many other issues – including alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, gambling, and other addictions, phobias (such as fear of public speaking, heights, confined spaces and flying etc), depression, stress, anxiety and more.

When Woodside Energy, Australias largest oil and gas producer, decided to ban all tobacco smoking on its offshore platforms, they called in Peter Zapfella.


Firstly, he was required to qualify in an internationally accredited OPITO Tropical Offshore Emergency Training course in order to work on offshore oil and gas platforms. Peter made 8 visits, via helicopter, to the platforms operated by Woodside Petroleum on the North-West Shelf of Western Australia, from December 2007 to February 2008. He worked with more than 80 workers who had to quit smoking in readiness for the planned 1st March total smoking ban.


This is the first and only time quit smoking therapy has be conducted on operational oil and gas platforms at sea anywhere in the world.

Following the total ban, employees baggage is physically searched before boarding flights to the rigs for tobacco, alcohol, butane lighters, matches and mobile phones.

‘I am delighted to commend Peter Zapfella for the work he has recently undertaken for Woodside’s offshore facilities. We demanded an exceptional output from Peter on very busy operational areas (upon working oil and gas platforms at sea) . He not only met our expectations, he exceeded them. Peter was very professional in his approach and client-focused.’ – HSE Coordinator. Woodside Energy.

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Woodside’s offshore operations have achieved and MAINTAINED a 100 percent QUIT RATE in the 2 years following Peter Zapfella taking smokers through a SINGLE SESSION of quit smoking therapy. Some staff may choose to smoke at home when off work swings (rotations), but at work, they do NOT smoke.

Peter attended Woodside Energies Karratha Gas Refinery in August 2012 to take another 40 employees through Quit Smoking therapy. He was also asked to Woodsides Pluto Gas Refinery to take another 40 employees through quit smoking therapy. Why would Woodside keep asking Peter Zapfella to return? There is only one answer, because he gets great results.

• These details have been verified by the appropriate Western Australian and Northern Territory Government Watchdog.

‘Interested in some hypnosis, Peter is one of the most successful hypnotists in Australia’. George Akary. Master Hypnotherapist Sydney NSW.

‘We are all doing really well after your session with our team. 8 out of 9 employees that came to see you (in Port Hedland) a month ago are still not smoking, we are all very happy’. Tim Hipworth. BIS Industrial Logistics. Perth. WA.

* Up to 20 percent of the Australian workforce currently smoke.
* Most smokers want to quit, most have tried, but they do not understand their addiction, that is why they continue to smoke.
* Every smoking employee costs your business thousands every year. The average smoker loses up to 30 minutes a day, or 14 working days a year – on smoko breaks.
* The average smoker takes 5 more sick-leave days a year than non-smokers, with colds and flu. Smokers take longer to recover from illnesses than non-smokers. Smoking employees cost business up to 50 percent more in insurance premiums.
* Many companies have tried nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) such as patches, and failed. NRT is a waste of money and effort for almost everyone who has tried it. If it did not work first time round chances are it will never work again. For most, it is all downhill from the start. (Reference:
A meta-analysis reported in Lancet (343:139-142 [1996] by Siegel, M. Nelson, D. Peddicod, J. Merritt, R. Giovino, G. & Eriksen) combined 42 nicotine gum studies (30 followed up for one year, 12 for 6 months) and 9 nicotine patch studies (followed up for one year) reported the mean gain in cessation rate attributable to nicotine replacement therapy was only 8 percent. Proof the nicotine replacement therapies advertised on TV are just placebos.
* Tobacco is our number one drug problem – responsible for 80 percent of all drug-related deaths and two-thirds of all drug-related costs to the community.
* The annual cost of smokers to the Australian hospital system is about AUS$700 million, every year.
* The Australian social costs of smoking are conservatively estimated to be as high as AUS$21 billion a year.

Performance coaching in Perth, Singapore, and Bali.

Think of the overall benefits of assisting your employees to quit smoking forever; following one session with Peter Zapfella.

Return on investment. With a potential saving of more than AUS$5,000 per annum for every smoker employed, Peter offers a possible return on investment up to 1500 percent.
• Overcome the destructive/negative feelings that non-smoking employees feel when they continue to work, while smokers take smoko breaks throughout the day; yet they are paid the same. It’s enough to make some people start smoking again!
• A safer working environment for all. With fewer smokers overall, therefore fewer passive smokers, means over-all health benefits for all your employees.
• All your employees (both smokers and non-smokers) knowing they are working for a business that cares for their health and well-being.
• No more unsightly, stinking cigarette butts in ashtrays and on the ground outside the entrance of your business. No more staff standing around puffing on cigarettes. A far better corporate image.
• Your business and employees can expect better health, vitality, and self-esteem. Following Peter Zapfella’s quit program you can expect an improvement in esprit de corps and a resultant increase in productivity.
• Most smokers who come to Peter Zapfella for help have previously failed with other therapies (including patches, gum, pills, acupuncture, Alan Carrs books, lectures, cold turkey) and therapists, including hypnotherapists.
• Peter Zapfella’s program works for all smokers regardless of how many cigarettes they smoke daily, how long they have smoked, previous relapses, gender, or age. There are no pills, patches, struggle, gimmicks, group sessions, ongoing classes, withdrawals, stress, anger, just a straight forward, sensible 2-hour program.
• Smokers should want to quit, NOT be forced to quit. Peter Zapfella knows the most successful programs; which achieve the best results.
• Peter Zapfella offers a FREE follow-up session if an employee fails to quit or relapses*.
• Smokers can accept some responsibility for their own health and financial benefit from quitting by paying or -paying for their own therapy.
• Join some of Australia’s largest companies – including Woodside Energy, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Argyle Diamonds, and others, who have consulted directly with Peter Zapfella to substantially reduce or even eliminate smoking in their workforce.

Peter travels throughout Australia and overseas, as required, to conduct corporate therapy.

These details have been verified by the appropriate Western Australian and Northern Territory Government Watchdog.
• Reports suggest the overall immediate success rate of Peter Zapfella’s quit smoking program is close to 100 percent. For example, 3 years after sending 14 employees to Peter Zapfella to quit smoking, 12 Sandvik staff are still non-smokers. (86% nonsmoking 36 months following therapy) The 2 who chose to smoke had free choice and know they are welcome to a FREE follow-up session when they are ready to quit.

Peter Zapfella has created a range of specific therapies, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Emotional Alignment Technique and advanced Hypnotherapy methods to overcome the root cause of the problem in just one session. He brings with him more than 25 years of passionate experience and thousands of past successful and happy clients.

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