‘Freedom From’ Hypnotherapy Listening Guide


for ‘Freedom From’ Hypnotherapy.


Some English language Classic Welcome subliminal affirmations, available at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop currently have a BONUS ‘Freedom From’ Hypnotherapy MP3 valued at $19.99 added for free.

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The combination of binaural waves, subliminal suggestions, advanced hypnotic induction (as used by Peter Zapfella in his Comedy Hypnosis Shows), and the Emotional Alignment Technique, is very very powerful.

Many people report noticeable changes for the better after listening – just once. However we recommend listening at least three times or better still – every day for the first week. Then once a week for the following month.

Unlike drug medications – you cannot over dose.

Like all hypnotherapy, find a comfortable place free of distractions (such as pets, phone, other people) to relax and listen. You can listen as you prepare to sleep. Many people report falling asleep as they listen. The MP3’s are still effective because your deep unconscious mind will still be listening as you sleep. DO NOT listen to these MP3’s while driving or using machinery, because they can cause drowsiness and sleep.

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For best results you can use headphones or ear buds, as the stereo effect is important for the binaural waves to be effective.

We recommend you listen to the associated Classic Welcome Subliminal Affirmations and Prime Hypnosis MP3’s.

These FREE MP3’s will be replaced when the Premium ‘Freedom From’ Hypnotherapy MP3’s become available. They will feature;

  • 400+ English language advanced hypnotherapy MP3’s
  • including the age regression Emotional Alignment Technique
  • positive suggestions
  • subliminal suggestions and audio watermark.
  • Theta Isochronic Tones, Premium Welcome subliminal affirmations
  • Isochoric tones – will replace the current binaural waves.


  • Foreground Variants, Foreground Variants SURGE EFFECT.min
  • Incredible Surge Effect TM hypnotic inductions. Surge Effect TM channels are dichotic. They ‘effervesce’, ‘swirl’ and ‘surge’, like a wave. They fascinate the deep unconscious mind, causing some level of hypnotic trance and therefore focusing it on the semantics, the emotion, and thereby cause dynamic deep unconscious change. This powerful hypnotic effect is exclusive to Internet Hypnosis. Shop Premium products.
  • Premium ‘Freedom From’ Hypnotherapy MP3’s will be coupled with Premium Welcome subliminal affirmations in discounted Packs.

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