Meet The Internet Hypnosis. Shop Team

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….. from inside the Internet Hypnosis. Shop.

Peter Zapfella 25th Anniversary 1995-2020

Peter Zapfella has been in private practice as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist for more than 25 years. He has had many thousands of one-on-one clients.

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Peter Zapfella

Peter is the principal researcher, writer, and voice talent at Internet Hypnosis. Shop.

Internet Hypnosis. Shop already has almost 440 Classic subliminal affirmation products with 6000 variants, making it the largest online resource of subliminal affirmations.

We will add a further 440 technologically unique Premium ‘Surge Effect’ TM subliminal affirmation products with 2000 new variants, thereby creating the largest product range and number of MP3’s available anywhere on the Internet, in any language.

During 2022/23 Prime Hypnosis and Vanish Hypnotherapy MP3’s will be added making it the largest single resource of hypnotherapy download MP3’s.

This is possible because of the focus and dedication by the Internet Hypnosis. Shop team. Here is an introduction to our team members.

Meet The Creative & Technical Team

Meet The Internet Hypnosis. Shop Team
Meet the team. Candy is the Internet Hypnosis. Shop hostess. She introduces and explains various features. ‘Click’ > to hear Candy talk about her role at www.InternetHypnosis.Shop

Meet the team. Zynef is our full-time Internet Hypnosis Artistic Director. His role includes product album covers and video production. He has tertiary qualifications in Computer Science. ‘Click’ > to hear Zynef talk about his role at www.InternetHypnosis.Shop
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Frenyx is a graduate of the Film and Media Arts International Academy. He is a multi award winning producer, director and writer of music. He runs his own recording studio for talented musicians, singers, and creating radio and television commercials.

Frenyx, meet the team at internet hypnosis dot shop, hypnosis MP3 downloads, free MP3s, intyernet
Frenyx now dedicates up to 3 days a week to create Internet Hypnosis. Shop MP3s. He is also establishing his own tourist resort at Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines.
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Meet the Team. Pauel is our creative consultant. Pauel studied Information Technology at teriary level and heads-up his own design and advertising business. Pauel welcomes your business.
Alex, meet the team, Internet Hypnosis. Shop
Alex our new technical  member of the Internet Hypnosis dot Shop team. He is a brilliant young software nerd who is already introducing the world to Internet Hypnosis dot Shop through Google, Amazon, E Bay and Shopify just to name a few. ‘Click’ > to hear Alex talk about his role at www.InternetHypnosis.Shop

Meet The Internet Hypnosis. Shop Team, Meet the team at Internet Hypnosis. Shop,, free hypnosis MP3 downloads
Meet the Team. Rusty is our software whiz-kid who is the Director of Radio Media, DRN 1 Radio, 1Life.Radio and Perth Radio. He also manages to find time to consult all things web for Internet Hypnosis. Shop, and Talking Hypnosis podcasts. Rusty welcomes your subscriptions to DRN1.

Alfian, Meet the Team
Meet the team. Alfian is the Social Media Director (YouTube & Facebook & Linked In & Instagram etc). He is also our new Affiliate Manager. Alfian comes to us compliments of Covid-19 which has influenced him to back away from the devastated Bali tourism industry. ‘Click’ > to hear Alfian talk about his role at www.InternetHypnosis.Shop

Meet The Voice Talent Team

Coral Conrad hypnotherapist
Coral Conrad – Is our #2 professional hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. She is our own in house female Voice Over Artist at Internet Hypnosis. Shop. Coral has many years experience working one-on-one with clients coast to coast across Australia.
Will. Premium 'Welcome' subliminal affirmation messages.
Meet the team. Young Will is our voice talent for Children’s category Premium Welcome affirmations coming online late – 2022 and onward. ‘Click’ > to hear about Children’s MP3’s.


Will also voices Boys (within Men’s) category Premium Welcome affirmations.

Meet the team. Heather is our voice talent for Women’s (and girls within Women’s), Children’s, and other categories Surge Effect © released from late – 2022 and onward. ‘Click’ > to hear Heather talk about her role at www.InternetHypnosis.Shop.
meet the team, Lilly, girl talent,
Lilly is our new Children’s and Girls voice talent. She has the cutest little Irish accent.
Meet the Internet Hypnosis. Shop Team
Meet the Team. David is our Men’s and other categories young mans voice talent at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop. He also voices some spots with Candy.

‘Click’ > to hear David, Tennyson and Will talk about ‘Men and Boys’ MP3’s.
Tennyson. Premium 'Welcome' subliminal affirmations messanges
Meet the team. Tennyson is our Men’s and other categories mature voice talent at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop.

Peter Zapfella and our team of professionals are fully Covid-19 vaccinated.
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