Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy

Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy.  

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If life is not ‘delivering the goods’ for you, then you need to change the way you think and feel. You can change your reality by changing your deepest beliefs. Not all of them. Just the beliefs that are not working for you right now. You discover you think and feel different, in a good way. hypno hop rap

I had never considered myself a fan of Rap Music, until I started using it as a vehicle for sharing positive life changing messages or affirmations.

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Hipno Hop Rap is about changing the emotions and self-talk, so (with repetition) it can change deep beliefs and behaviors.

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As a boy world famous singer Ed Sheeran listened to ‘Eminem’ Rap until he knew every word. It spoke creativity, self-expression and authenticity to him. It gave him a voice. He said that cured’ his chronic stutter.

Ed Sheeran and ‘Eminem’ Rap

The rhythmic and rhyming chanting which is Rap, and wider Hip Hop culture (including clothing fashion, deejaying using sliding and scratching turntable manipulation, a repertoire of acrobatic and occasionally airborne moves which is break dancing and graffiti art) are now a recognized link between psychotherapists and troubled youth everywhere. hypno hop rap

Rappers from ‘Eminem’ to ‘Ice Cube’ have echoed the idea of Rap as a replacement for therapy. Their songs reference anxiety, depression, PTSD, suicide, relationships, police brutality, and environmental conditions. Rappers openly express what it is like to live with mental or emotional issues. They talk about it and normalise it, which is good because youth, particularly young males are inclined to ‘push down’ and internalise their emotional issues.

Acknowledging it, exposing the truth and talking about it is the first step to recovery. But that is usually about as far as it goes. Just the first step and no further.

However, the ‘Papageno effect’ of Rap (the theory that positive media publicity of celebrities and other people overcoming suicidal crises can protect against suicidal ideation and/or attempts by an individual) may have a positive effect on depressed people who could be in crises and considering self harm and even suicide

Hipno Hop Rap for Therapy, Puss in Boots

Peter Zapfella has taken Rap to the next level and made it THE therapy. Peter say’s the fundamental difference between Rap and subliminal affirmations and hypnosis is that Rap is recited repeatedly. It is Rapped in the first person therefore it is saying ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘My’. The Rapper owns the statement with ‘attitude’. While subliminal affirmations and hypnosis are spoken to the listener saying ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘you are’. They are given to the listener as a reassuring gift.

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Internet Hypnosis dot Shop is the first and only hypnosis or subliminal affirmation download web site to feature rhythmic and rhyming chanted lyrics (based on almost 500 Internet Hypnosis dot Shop affirmations) presented in a Hipno Hop Rap format. hypno hop rap

This is a massive undertaking, eventually totaling almost 500 Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy songs specifically created for Internet Hypnosis dot Shop. This reflects the confidence in this formats effectiveness to cause positive change.

Subjects cover almost every conceivable life challenge that may confront young people today. They include overcoming various phobias, anxiety and depression, through to coming out as gay or lesbian.

The words have been condensed down into a few powerful rhyming rhythmic lines usually in two or three verses.

With repetition it is learned in the same way as we learn any song by listening over and over. The beat and melody make it easier to remember the inspiring and life changing messages.

By listening over and over and learning the words (the text of every Rap is available on the relevant product page) the deep unconscious mind of the listener is ‘imprinted’ with new positive messages. Over time these ‘overwrite’ past negative messages. These create new self-empowering beliefs and behaviors.

Therapies range from overcoming nail biting, through better surfing and peak athletic performance to overcoming premature ejaculation and vaping   E cigarettes. and many more. hypno hop rap

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“I spit bars that’ll leave you in a daze

My rhymes hypnotize, in a hipno hop maze

Listen to my words, they’ll change your life

Like cutting butter with a sharp knife

My flow so cold, it’ll give you chills

Lyrics so fire, they’ll pay the bills

Metaphors and similes are just my thing

I’m the best rapper alive let my music sing.

I’m the best rapper alive, that’s no hocus pocus

My rhymes so complex, it’s like a mathematical locus

My focus on the lyrics, I trust the ethics

My passion for music, it’s more than just a fetish

My rhymes manifesting bigger than ever before

My similes and metaphors hitting hard like a war

I’m the king of this game, bow down to the best

My rhymes making history, while others take a rest

Ed Sheeran made it big, his stutter now a thing of the past

Changed his life, now he’s on top, his success built to last

Negativity gone, positivity turned on, he’s got the power

Like a flower, blooming bright, he’s reaching higher and higher each hour

Take a lesson from his story, don’t let fear hold you back

Rise up, take control, and build your own success track

Rhyming schemes complex, metaphors on point, this rap’s got it all

So turn on that positivity and watch yourself stand tall.


I flow like a monsoon rain, Hindi and English, it’s all the same

My rhymes hypnotize, like a snake’s deadly gaze

I’ll take you on a journey, to learn a new language

Indonesian or Spanish, it’s all within your range


Learning with Rap Hipno-Hop, it’s a whole new game

Only at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop, we’ll elevate your brain?

This format of psychological therapy appeals to a segment (specifically young people, particularly males) who generally avoid therapy as a way to deal with their life challenges. It is not as if they do not have problems – they do.

They may not understand or trust ‘therapy’, and ‘hypnosis’. But they do understand Rap.

Hipno Hop Rap speaks to their ‘street culture’ across different genders, ages, languages, nationalities, races and religions.

Think and feel what you want most of all in your future as if you have it right now.© Copyright 2020 Peter Zapfella.

There was an old man telling a boy about a fight between a wolf and a dog. “Which one do you think won the fight?” he asked the boy. “I don’t know” replied the boy. 

“The one YOU feed*” said the old man.

* with constant thoughts and words driving depression, anxiety and fears, self-limiting beliefs, and behaviors leading to phobias and bad habits. Or alternatively constant positive, self-empowering thoughts, feelings and words (such as Hypno Hop Rap only at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop) which help to defeat anxiety, depression, fears (phobias), self-limiting belief’s, behaviors and bad habits.

In time, these therapeutic Hipno Hop Raps become new deep unconscious beliefs leading to new positive behaviors and emotions. They are hypnotically powerful. Just ask Ed Sheeran. hypno hop rap

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Available initially in 500 English Hipno Hop Raps, the repertoire will expand to include Indian Hindi, Spanish, Indonesian (2000 multi-language tracks) and perhaps Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, and French (another 2000 multi language tracks) further down the track? hypno hop rap

This is incredible! Can you imagine not just 500 but perhaps as many as 4500 therapeutic Rap tracks available on the one web site?

Every English language Hipno Hop Rap has a corresponding Prime Hypnosis and Welcome subliminal affirmation and can be combined for even more effective change. Other languages to follow.

This will build into an amazing Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy resource for individuals, parents, teachers, coaches, professional counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists everywhere.

While Internet Hypnosis dot Shop – Hipno Hop Rap for adults feature the voices of well-known Rapper artists, children’s titles feature the voices of loveable cartoon characters who are known for their confidence and ‘bad-ass’ attitude too. hypno hop rap

Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy

© Copyright 2023 by Peter Zapfella and www.InternetHypnosis.Shop

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