Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression

Past life regression.

Fetal Life, Genealogical Memories, Past Lives & Between Lives

As a therapist, and an addictions therapist for more than 25 years, I am aware that it is not unusual to find the experiences and relationships we have in this life are related to unresolved issues from the past, way before our childhood.

Occasionally it could be before birth while growing inside our mother. We are surrounded by her and feel her strong emotions. (Including distress, trauma, anxiety and depression). We experience her physical illnesses and intoxications as if they are our own. Sure, we do not understand, but we can be affected long term. Today we can treat influences from pre-birth. P


Fetus surrounded by mother, past life regression
Fetus surrounded by mother

st Life Regression

For some people there is evidence of some kind of ‘genealogical memory’. Influences from past generations, a type of ‘cellular memory’ or perhaps DNA memory from people my client never knew, but was related to by blood. Some people speculate it is a form of spirit possession from a passed relative? We can treat these issues too.

Welcome Letting Go Of A Past Relationship – for men. min, past life regression
Influences from past generations


More often there are unresolved issues from our more recent past lives. Even if you do not believe they exist. Even if you have never had some unexplained recognitions, knowing’s or ‘déjà vu’ (A French word for the experience of feeling/knowing that one has lived through the present situation before).

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Perhaps life like reoccurring dreams, perhaps of your own traumatic death, in another place, another culture or even another place in time?

past life regression, fear darkness
“Wake in fright”

Do you want to resolve those dreams and have greater appreciation and comprehension of their meaning? Past Life Regression

Some people enjoy exploring their past lives because it gives them greater  understanding and clarity into their motivations, patterns of behavior, and deep beliefs this time around. Past Life Regression

My late wife and I discovered why she could not conceive in this life, and why IVF failed her every attempt following past life regression.

Whatever reason you may have for an interest in exploring and resolving issues within your fetal life, genealogical memories, past lives, and between lives you can do so with Peter Zapfella.

Reincarnation., past ife regression, past life memories
An interesting image of the concept of reincarnation. The living soul that never dies, and changes mortal physical bodies as they die.

It is true these explorations into the twilight of our mind are esoteric (opinions,  ideas or concepts preserved by a small group of people initiated, or of exceptional interest. The term derives from the Greek, either from the comparative ἐσώτερος, “inner”, or from its derived adjective ἐσωτερικός, “pertaining to the innermost”) however it is also life changing in deep appreciation of who we are, and our place in the jigsaw of everything.

Whatever your cultural background and religion taught you about reincarnation, past lives, and between lives you can explore it here free of dogma. Some people of some deep religious convictions choose to interpret these ‘memories’ as something created by the deep unconscious (as a teaching opportunity) rather than an actual memory of an actual event. No fear. Just take it as you get it, and make of it as you will. You can accept the narrative as it is presented.

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Peter Zapfella has created a range of specific therapies, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Emotional Alignment Technique and advanced Hypnotherapy methods. He uses various established past life regression methods, while bringing with him  more than 27 years of passionate experience and thousands of past successful and happy clients.

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