Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy

Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy.  

Hipno Hop Rap, Hypno Hop Rap, rap

If life is not ‘delivering the goods’ for you, then you need to change the way you think and feel. You can change your reality by changing your deepest beliefs. Not all of them. Just the beliefs that are not working for you right now. You discover you think and feel different, in a good way. hypno hop rap

I had never considered myself a fan of Rap Music, until I started using it as a vehicle for sharing positive life changing messages or affirmations.

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Hipno Hop Rap is about changing the emotions and self-talk, so (with repetition) it can change deep beliefs and behaviors.

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As a boy world famous singer Ed Sheeran listened to ‘Eminem’ Rap until he knew every word. It spoke creativity, self-expression and authenticity to him. It gave him a voice. He said that cured’ his chronic stutter.

Ed Sheeran and ‘Eminem’ Rap

The rhythmic and rhyming chanting which is Rap, and wider Hip Hop culture (including clothing fashion, deejaying using sliding and scratching turntable manipulation, a repertoire of acrobatic and occasionally airborne moves which is break dancing and graffiti art) are now a recognized link between psychotherapists and troubled youth everywhere. hypno hop rap

Rappers from ‘Eminem’ to ‘Ice Cube’ have echoed the idea of Rap as a replacement for therapy. Their songs reference anxiety, depression, PTSD, suicide, relationships, police brutality, and environmental conditions. Rappers openly express what it is like to live with mental or emotional issues. They talk about it and normalise it, which is good because youth, particularly young males are inclined to ‘push down’ and internalise their emotional issues.

Acknowledging it, exposing the truth and talking about it is the first step to recovery. But that is usually about as far as it goes. Just the first step and no further.

However, the ‘Papageno effect’ of Rap (the theory that positive media publicity of celebrities and other people overcoming suicidal crises can protect against suicidal ideation and/or attempts by an individual) may have a positive effect on depressed people who could be in crises and considering self harm and even suicide

Hipno Hop Rap for Therapy, Puss in Boots

Peter Zapfella has taken Rap to the next level and made it THE therapy. Peter say’s the fundamental difference between Rap and subliminal affirmations and hypnosis is that Rap is recited repeatedly. It is Rapped in the first person therefore it is saying ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘My’. The Rapper owns the statement with ‘attitude’. While subliminal affirmations and hypnosis are spoken to the listener saying ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘you are’. They are given to the listener as a reassuring gift.

Internet Hypnosis. Shop, Internet Hypnosis dot Shop, Hipno Hop Rap, Hypno Hop Rap

Internet Hypnosis dot Shop is the first and only hypnosis or subliminal affirmation download web site to feature rhythmic and rhyming chanted lyrics (based on almost 500 Internet Hypnosis dot Shop affirmations) presented in a Hipno Hop Rap format. hypno hop rap

This is a massive undertaking, eventually totaling almost 500 Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy songs specifically created for Internet Hypnosis dot Shop. This reflects the confidence in this formats effectiveness to cause positive change.

Subjects cover almost every conceivable life challenge that may confront young people today. They include overcoming various phobias, anxiety and depression, through to coming out as gay or lesbian.

The words have been condensed down into a few powerful rhyming rhythmic lines usually in two or three verses.

With repetition it is learned in the same way as we learn any song by listening over and over. The beat and melody make it easier to remember the inspiring and life changing messages.

By listening over and over and learning the words (the text of every Rap is available on the relevant product page) the deep unconscious mind of the listener is ‘imprinted’ with new positive messages. Over time these ‘overwrite’ past negative messages. These create new self-empowering beliefs and behaviors.

Therapies range from overcoming nail biting, through better surfing and peak athletic performance to overcoming premature ejaculation and vaping   E cigarettes. and many more. hypno hop rap

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“I spit bars that’ll leave you in a daze

My rhymes hypnotize, in a hipno hop maze

Listen to my words, they’ll change your life

Like cutting butter with a sharp knife

My flow so cold, it’ll give you chills

Lyrics so fire, they’ll pay the bills

Metaphors and similes are just my thing

I’m the best rapper alive let my music sing.

I’m the best rapper alive, that’s no hocus pocus

My rhymes so complex, it’s like a mathematical locus

My focus on the lyrics, I trust the ethics

My passion for music, it’s more than just a fetish

My rhymes manifesting bigger than ever before

My similes and metaphors hitting hard like a war

I’m the king of this game, bow down to the best

My rhymes making history, while others take a rest

Ed Sheeran made it big, his stutter now a thing of the past

Changed his life, now he’s on top, his success built to last

Negativity gone, positivity turned on, he’s got the power

Like a flower, blooming bright, he’s reaching higher and higher each hour

Take a lesson from his story, don’t let fear hold you back

Rise up, take control, and build your own success track

Rhyming schemes complex, metaphors on point, this rap’s got it all

So turn on that positivity and watch yourself stand tall.


I flow like a monsoon rain, Hindi and English, it’s all the same

My rhymes hypnotize, like a snake’s deadly gaze

I’ll take you on a journey, to learn a new language

Indonesian or Spanish, it’s all within your range


Learning with Rap Hipno-Hop, it’s a whole new game

Only at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop, we’ll elevate your brain?

This format of psychological therapy appeals to a segment (specifically young people, particularly males) who generally avoid therapy as a way to deal with their life challenges. It is not as if they do not have problems – they do.

They may not understand or trust ‘therapy’, and ‘hypnosis’. But they do understand Rap.

Hipno Hop Rap speaks to their ‘street culture’ across different genders, ages, languages, nationalities, races and religions.

Think and feel what you want most of all in your future as if you have it right now.© Copyright 2020 Peter Zapfella.

There was an old man telling a boy about a fight between a wolf and a dog. “Which one do you think won the fight?” he asked the boy. “I don’t know” replied the boy. 

“The one YOU feed*” said the old man.

* with constant thoughts and words driving depression, anxiety and fears, self-limiting beliefs, and behaviors leading to phobias and bad habits. Or alternatively constant positive, self-empowering thoughts, feelings and words (such as Hypno Hop Rap only at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop) which help to defeat anxiety, depression, fears (phobias), self-limiting belief’s, behaviors and bad habits.

In time, these therapeutic Hipno Hop Raps become new deep unconscious beliefs leading to new positive behaviors and emotions. They are hypnotically powerful. Just ask Ed Sheeran. hypno hop rap

welcome subliminal affirmations. Internet hypnosis. shop

Available initially in 500 English Hipno Hop Raps, the repertoire will expand to include Indian Hindi, Spanish, Indonesian (2000 multi-language tracks) and perhaps Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, and French (another 2000 multi language tracks) further down the track? hypno hop rap

This is incredible! Can you imagine not just 500 but perhaps as many as 4500 therapeutic Rap tracks available on the one web site?

Every English language Hipno Hop Rap has a corresponding Prime Hypnosis and Welcome subliminal affirmation and can be combined for even more effective change. Other languages to follow.

This will build into an amazing Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy resource for individuals, parents, teachers, coaches, professional counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists everywhere.

While Internet Hypnosis dot Shop – Hipno Hop Rap for adults feature the voices of well-known Rapper artists, children’s titles feature the voices of loveable cartoon characters who are known for their confidence and ‘bad-ass’ attitude too. hypno hop rap

Hipno Hop Rap as Therapy

© Copyright 2023 by Peter Zapfella and www.InternetHypnosis.Shop

NLP Anchor

NLP Anchoring Techniques
What are NLP Anchors?

The purpose of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is to be very practical and useful in enhancing the quality of life. It represents an attitude and a way of being. As such NLP has a trail of effective techniques and processes that can facilitate the expression of your own internal resources to move you on a journey from a present state; that is the sum total of all your neurological and physical processes at this moment in time, across to the desired state, with appropriate new behaviors, thoughts and feelings.

Present State ð your Internal Resources ð Desired State

old behavior’s      skills                                           new behavior’s

old thoughts         techniques                             new thoughts

old feelings            resources                               new feelings

Based upon groundbreaking research by Russian scientist, Doctor Ivan Pavlov back in 1903, and subsequent experiments by others, NLP developed the simple concept of Anchor techniques.

An anchor is simply a connection between a stimulus and a certain emotional response.

Common naturally occurring anchors include the auditory stimulus of a favorite song or the olfactory stimulus of a familiar smell, which elicits a feeling memory or physiological state. The visual stimulus of a green traffic light elicits the triggering of specific foot movements in a driver. They are conditioned responses.

In NLP we create anchors, or conditioned responses as behavioral resources, which can be triggered upon demand or automatically (with regular practice).

If a person recalls memories of an intense emotional state, and at the peak of that memory experience they apply a specific physical trigger, such as a physical feeling or a unique piece of music, then all the events become connected neurologically. With repetition, the unconscious learns the new physical trigger and the specific physical feeling or music together automatically cause the new emotional state.

At Internet Hypnosis dot Shop we combine the auditory stimulus of specific music, which is exclusive to this feeling memory or physiological state, plus the imagined visual stimulus of your unconscious memory, and specific subliminal suggestions.

For example: Subject ‘SUCCESS’;

You hear unlimited SUCCESS (unique sound)
You smell unlimited SUCCESS (unique smell)
You taste unlimited SUCCESS (unique taste)
You feel unlimited SUCCESS (unique feeling)
You breathe unlimited SUCCESS (deep breathing in)
You think unlimited SUCCESS
You do unlimited SUCCESS
You are unlimited SUCCESS
You be unlimited SUCCESS
Everything is unlimited SUCCESS
Live unlimited SUCCESS

Using this simple effective technique at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop you can anchor specific physical and exclusive music triggers to specific desired positive emotional states.

Therefore, you can move from old unwanted emotional states across to desired positive emotional states – on demand. That would be a good thing, would it not?

We perceive the world through our main five senses (humans have about 20 senses), and think about it also in terms of visual images, sounds, words or music, feelings (sensations and emotions) smells and tastes, and an important subcategory of sound called internal dialogue. Within these representational systems are the qualities, or sub modalities, of these representations.

Working with other sub modalities can also be helpful: clients can be asked to represent good health to themselves in a number of ways – a clearly focused, life-sized, realistic colour, three-dimensional moving picture, complete with movement and sound, of what they would be like in a state of well-being, projected into wherever they see the future, can help shape their entire system into a movement towards that way of being.

(references 1. Pert Candace B. Molecules of Emotion, Why You Feel the Way You Feel. Pocket Books. Simon & Schuster. London. ISBN 0-671-03397-2. 1997. Psychoneuroimmunology and NLP by Nancy Blake. Positive Health Publications)

Just use your imagination, your memories, and have fun with it.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world’

william-shakepeare. Welcome The Authentic Self min
William Shakespeare

People sometimes ask me:

“Does anchoring work?” The answer is: “We have been creating anchors to emotional states all our lives. Maybe we did not realize it?”

Actually animals do exactly the same thing – it is a natural learning process for your unconscious.

“How long does an anchor last?’ The answer is: “It really depends how strong the emotional memory you use, and the number of repetitions. NLP Anchors can be effective from a few days to a few months, maybe even longer. Naturally occurring anchors can last a life time.”

“Can I repeat this NLP anchoring technique?” The answer is: “Absolutely. Anchoring works better with repetition. The more you listen and do it, the better the results. So do often, make it automatic and it can last indefinitely.”

The five keys to a successful NLP anchor are:

1. The intensity of the experience.
2. The timing of the anchor.
3. The uniqueness of the anchor.
4. The replication of the stimulus.
5. The number of times.

A helpful Mnemonic device I T U R N

Peter Zapfella. Photo Copyright by Peter Zapfella, © 2002-22 Peter Zapfella. All Rights Reserved,
Peter Zapfella

Master Hypnotist (hypnotherapist) and master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Peter Zapfella, has professionally written and recorded MP3 downloads using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and subliminal techniques for Internet Hypnosis dot Shop. ‘Unlimited Anchors’ will be included in the ‘ULTRA’ range of NLP downloads as part of the ‘Complete Packages’ at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop.

‘UNLIMITED NLP ANCHORS’. This technique requires the listener to stop everything, relax, listen and focus (‘do’ in the mind). Do not drive or use machinery at the same time. Most people will get short term benefits from this technique after listening just a few times. The more it is used the better the long term results.

Created and © Copyright 2017-23 Peter Zapfella. All Rights Reserved. Relevant back links invited.

Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy. What is the difference?

Counselling, InternetCounselling.au, Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy. What is the difference?

Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy. What is the difference? Understandably, people are confused by these terms and their meaning. For example, a psychologist may be a psychotherapist, but a psychotherapist may not be a psychologist. Neither are psychiatrists.

Counsellors are not Performance Coaches, yet Performance Coaches may also be Counsellors. Counsellors are not psychotherapists, yet psychotherapists and psychologists may use counselling techniques. Counselling-coaching-and-psychotherapy.Podcast. Counselling, Coaching, PschotherapClick Here to Listen button, www.InternetHypnosis.Shop

Peter Zapfella is not a psychologist or psychiatrist. However, Peter is a counsellor, a performance coach and a psychotherapist.

The CORE VALUES of Counselling, Performance Coaching and Psychotherapy are the same. They are;

  • RESPECT for your and our dignity and rights (including privacy and confidentiality).
  • INTEGRITY of your and our communication and service.
  • COLABORATION and CO OPERATION for the best outcomes of all concerned.
  • PROFESSIONAL knowledge, ongoing study and trainings.
  • ALLEVIATING your distress and suffering.
  • QUALTY enhancement of relationships between ourselves and others.
  • APPRECIATION of cultural and human diversity and life experiences.
  • FAIRNESS and ADEQUACY of service.

Define Counselling

Counselling is a process where an individual, couple or family meet with a professional counsellor to talk about issues and challenges they face in their lives.

Trained counsellors work with their clients on strategies to assist them to overcome day to day obstacles and personal challenges that they are facing.

A professional counsellor is registered and trained to provide a genuine, caring and empathic response in a safe and confidential collaboration. Clients are active participants in the process. They learn strategies and techniques. They usually have on going sessions to promote mental health and wellbeing, enhance self-understanding, and resolve concerns.

A trained counsellor has tools and techniques. They can use these tools to support and help you to move through the difficult and challenging, feelings, thoughts and behaviors, or situations that you may be experiencing. The counsellor can provide these tools and techniques as homework for the client to take away and practice and use in their daily life.

Counselling methods may include;

  • PSYCHODYNAMICS. Long term (such as childhood past traumas) causing current life dysfunctions. (Perhaps presenting as anger issues for example).
  • STRENGTHS PERSPECTIVES. Goal setting. Enabling better self-management and expectations.
  • FAMILY THERAPY. Cooperative family and group support sessions. Peter does not currently offer this.


  • Emotional. This is an area Peter has many years’ experiences.
  • Cognitive/Thinking. Including CBT.
  • Behaviors.
  • Gestalt.
  • Combinations of the above.

The ultimate goal is for the client to make life changing decisions for themselves on the best course of action ahead, with the support of their counsellor.

Ultimately it is the client themselves who will make the decisions and take action. Counselling-coaching-and-psychotherapy.

performance coaching - success,Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy. What is the difference?
Performance Coaching – for Success

Define Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is a development approach based on the use of one-to-one conversations to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge or work performance.

We can blame our parents, our education, our government, or the economy, however, in truth the results we get in life are a direct reflection of our own unconscious beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and values.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Neuro-Semantics, the Emotional Alignment Technique and advanced hypnotherapy methods Peter Zapfella can guide you to:

  • re-align and delete negative emotions.
  • lower stress levels.
  • delete self-limiting beliefs and inner conflict.
  • delete habits of behavior that block your path forward.
  • using strategies for success.
  • stimulate new behaviors.
  • advanced personal change techniques.
  • re-align individual and group values.
  • move forward with better focus and clarity.
  • Counselling-coaching-and-psychotherapy.

Define Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a talk therapy. It is an effective method to assist people deal with and overcome a variety of mental health issues and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can eliminate symptoms so a person can function better increasing well-being.

Peter Zapfella preferers to use hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), timeline therapy ® and the emotional alignment technique TM. He also uses recorded hypnotherapy and subliminal affirmations as part of his toolbox of effective techniques. Counselling-coaching-and-psychotherapy.

Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy. What is the difference?

Define Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a popular method for experiencing trance, but it is not the only approach. Researcher Dennis R Wier has been experimenting with trance for more than 35 years. In his book, Trance: from Magic to Technology, he defined trance as “a state of mind being caused by cognitive loops were a cognitive object (thoughts, images, sounds, intentional actions) repeats long enough to result in various sets of disabled cognitive functions.”“at least some cognitive functions such as volition are disabled as is seen in what is typically termed a ‘hypnotic trance’.

Meditation, addictions, captivation, and frenzy are all trance states. We also see trance states induced from indigenous and religious people’s rhythmic percussion, drumming, chants, and dance.

People also experience trance through television, advertising, trauma, panic attacks, psychosis, euphoria, and some psychedelic drugs such as LSD, peyote, and psilocybin. Counselling-coaching-and-psychotherapy.

People can achieve trance states while dancing, in athletic pursuits and facing real or imagined threats to their survival. Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.


Hypnosis is not something a hypnotist does to someone, rather the hypnotist expertly guides or facilitates a person to create their own trance state, therefore “All hypnosis is self hypnosis” Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.

People are usually guided into trance by a hypnotist, who may be a Sharman, mystic, priest, or yogi. With practice, individuals can choose to achieve trance themselves through some forms of meditation, self-hypnosis, and prayer. Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.

When people think of hypnotic trance they think of sleep. I have had several clients over the years who have said “That did not work. I was not hypnotized, because I was not asleep.” They think hypnotic trance is sleep. The fact is trance can be very active too.

Hypnotherapy is a system of psychotherapy using hypnotism for therapeutic intent. Fundamental changes can occur at the deep unconscious level of mind during trace, often to ‘rewrite’ past mistakes and out of date concepts. Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.

Define Neurolinguistic Programming, including Time Line Therapy, Emotional Alignment Technique etc

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behavior and emotion (programs).

NLP is an incredibly powerful collection of techniques that can quickly change emotions, beliefs, and behavior’s at the deep unconscious level of mind. Thereby people can think, communicate, and manage themselves, and others, more effectively than ever before. One of the things about NLP that amazes hypnotherapists and psychologists is that it usually does not need a traditional hypnotic trance to effectively create fundamental change at the deep unconscious. Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.

That is why NLP is one of the most powerful skills used today in advertising, sales, business management, and sports coaching and all forms of personal development.

The logical conscious mind is the goal setter, while your deep unconscious mind is the goal-getter.

If things are not working out in your life, chances are your conscious and deep unconscious are incongruent. NLP removes the unconscious ‘blocks’ so it can align with the conscious mind. Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.

NLP was created in the 1970s by a psychologist, Richard Bandler, and an assistant professor of Linguistics, John Grinder. Since then, many have contributed to building of the field. Initially, NLP was focused upon health and self-development, perhaps because Bandler and Grinder studied people such as Dr Milton Erickson. Today NLP encompasses education, business, sports, and improved inter-personal communication. It is now used to advance better communication and influence from the pulpit, presentations, advertising, and more.

Time Line Therapy® was developed by the late Tad James. Time Line Therapy® involves treatment at an unconscious level and allows a client to surrender negative emotions linked to past experiences and transform internal programming.

Time Line Therapy® is an NLP therapeutic technique assisting individuals understand how past events have influenced them in the now, and how past events may continue to influence their future. Clients can change the way they feel and think about those toxic past events and therefore improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Between 1995 and 2002 Time Line Therapy® was Peters preferred NLP therapeutic technique. However he had witnessed other practitioners struggle, and occasionally experienced challenges with the technique himself.

Abreactions are strong, often disturbing emotional and even physical reactions to something re-experienced from the past as if real. While some therapy approaches value abreactions as part of the healing process, having witnessed it several times Peter has never subscribed to this concept. Abreactions could re-traumatize rather than achieve the desired healing, particularly if there is no experienced therapist present to ‘rescue’ the patient.

In 2002 Peter began to conceptualize a new therapy model, which negated the shortcomings, such as abreactions, sometimes experienced with the Time-Line method. He tested his theories with his clients. The results were even more successful than expected. He then experimented and perfected the method called Emotional Alignment Therapy, the forerunner of the Emotional Alignment Technique (EAT).

Since 2002 Peter has used the Emotional Alignment Technique (EAT) with many thousands of clients without one experiencing abreactions. Peter has since taught his technique to other therapists, who like him, have found it overcomes all the limitations and challenges of the Time-Line method, while at the same time proving incredibly effective.

Recently published research (2020) by research psychologists has confirmed how and why the Emotional Alignment Technique (EAT) works so effectively.

The Emotional Alignment Technique (EAT) quickly re-aligns conflicts between the logical and analytical conscious mind and the deep unconscious level of mind, which controls people’s lives through health, addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs. Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

Peter believes these toxic experiences are negative trance states at the deep unconscious level of mind. The Emotional Alignment Technique (EAT) overwrites these with new self-empowering beliefs and behavior’s.

After having studied and qualified as a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Peter went to the US to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy ®, with the late Master Trainer Dr. Everett James Ph.D. Hypno (USA), and Master Trainers Julie Silverthorn Psych (USA), John Overduff Psych (USA), Dr. Susan Chu MD. (HK), Ardith James (USA) Dr. Dennis Sartain Ph.D. Psych (UK), and others. Peter Zapfella became a psychotherapist in private practice in 1995.

Reif Spano 'Eyes That Polarize' Hypnotist, Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy. What is the difference?
Reif Spano ‘Eyes That Polarize’ Hypnotist

In 1997 he began working with legendary American Stage Hypnotist Reif Spano. Peter subsequently developed his own Comedy Hypnosis Show and in 2000 he accepted the opportunity to live and work in Sydney during the Sydney Olympic Games. He performed many corporate Comedy Hypnosis Shows including Hyde Park, Sydney before thousands of people, and at Luna Park, Sydney.

Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy. What is the difference?, luna park sydney

Peters on stage hypnosis experiences taught him far more than any training course or therapeutic experiences could do. Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

At that time Sydney was the centre of NLP trainings in Australia, so Peter was able to repeat his original trainings and attend further trainings with Master Trainers Dr. Everett James Ph.D. Hypno (USA), Dr. Adriana James Ph.D. Hypno, Philippa Bond (AUS), Dr. Michael Hall Ph.D. Psych (USA), Rev. Dr. Bodenhamer Ph.D. Theo (USA), George Faddoul (AUS), Lori Flores (USA), Tim Halborn (USA), Sue Knight (UK), Kis Halborn (USA), Bogdan Bobocea (AUS) and others. Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

Peter was ‘snapped up’ by the two largest NLP and hypnotherapy event training organisations in Australia to assist overseas trainers present in Sydney.

These opportunities gave Peter an incredible opportunity to learn from the leading innovators in their fields of psychotherapy. It was a key to his understanding which enabled him to create the Emotional Alignment Technique (EAT).

Subliminal Foreground Varia, internet hypnosis.sjjop, nts

Subliminal Affirmations

Subliminal (/sʌbˈlɪmɨnəl) literally means “below threshold” of conscious perception, below normal conscious recognition, yet within the range of hearing of our deep unconscious. Peter Zapfella’s ‘Welcome’ subliminal messages are like a caring parent or good friend who is inspiring you to develop new behaviors, habits, and beliefs that you already know you need for a happier life. They motivate you to change for the better. They focus your unconscious mind and encourage it to make positive changes as it hears the positive messages repeated over and over again. They can usually be used in the background while driving at work, in the home, and while sleeping, for extended periods of time. For best results listen to the subliminal messages on ‘repeat’ or ‘loop’ for hours at a time. You can listen all night, while you sleep. counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

As part of his continuing professional development Peter is currently a candidate for the Diploma of Counseling. It is a Government & Australian Skills & Quality Authority (ASQA) & Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) accredited. Leading to membership of the Australian Counselling Association and Private Health Insurance Provider.‘  InternetCounselling.au

Created and © Copyright 2002-22 Peter Zapfella. All Rights Reserved.