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The ‘Talking Hypnosis‘ Radio & Podcast Show, hosted by Peter Zapfella, can now be heard at 11.00 AM (GMT+8) every Sunday on 1Life.Radio. Podcasts of past shows are available for listening here FREE. The Radio & Podcast Show episodes are fun and educational.

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Podcast. DRN1 LIFE. min Talking Hypnosis.

Archive of programs.

Episodes #2 through to #6 are interviews with hypnotist Dee Bucci. Believe it or not! She works with people who have unresolved past-life issues. Very interesting and revealing conversations.


Dee Bucci

We discuss therapy for children with Coral Conrad. Every parent should listen to these discussions. We welcome your questions for future episodes.

Coral Conrad

Peter Zapfella.min, meet the team,
Peter Zapfella

We welcome your questions for future episodes.

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