Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get ‘Rich’.

Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get ‘Rich’.     

We all know that tobacco smoking can cause various forms of cancer, heart disease, emphysema, lowered fertility (for both women and men), premature ageing and even painful death – or do we? Recent research shows that many Australian smokers actually do not believe the evidence. Many third world smokers have no idea – because no one has ever told them. The first group are living in denial and the second group in absolute ignorance,  although we cannot blame them. But are you aware of the difference quitting tobacco smoking will make to your wealth?

Welcome Prosperity, Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get 'Rich'
Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get ‘Rich’

Many smokers underestimate the financial benefit of quitting cigarettes; because it can also make you money, and lots of it!

If you are struggling to find the motivation to quit, understanding the many ways you will save money will really help. Examining how those savings can actually make you rich is powerful.

Research has shown that the chance of successfully changing a health-related behavior increases by 50 per cent if there is a financial reward. Understanding the real costs of tobacco smoking will help motivate you quit for life.

As a non-smoker, how much will you save?

If you are an average pack-a-day Australian smoker, spending around AUD$30 a pack, then you are burning up around AUD$10,950.00 each year. At that rate, you have blown almost AUD$109,500.00 over the past 10 years! So work it out now. What are you wasting on tobacco products? Be honest with yourself. 

1. Average cost of a pack of cigarettes, or a pack of tobacco   =  

2. Number of ‘sticks’ per pack       = 

3. Cost of each individual stick is (divide total of 2 by total of 1) = 

4. On average how many sticks do you smoke per day?   =

5. Annual number of cigarettes (multiply total of 4 by 365)  = 

6. Annual cost of cigarettes to you (multiply total 5 by total 3)  = 

7. Cost of cigarettes to you over 10 years (multiply total 6 by 10)  = 

The total cost of cigarettes to you per annum (6) = …………………

Also add the additional costs, including lighters, matches, transport to retail outlet etc. 

The Australian government has set a tax increase of 12.5 per cent each and every year on tobacco products. This has nothing to do with the manufacturers annual price increase – that is extra. The cost of a single cigarette ‘stick’ is currently around one dollar, making them the most expensive in the world.

Welcome Life Free From Tobacco Smoking, Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get 'Rich'
Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get ‘Rich’

Cancer Council Queensland spokeswoman Katie Clift says tobacco tax is the most effective way to reduce smoking rates. The Australian government has announced it’s intention to drive down the over-all tobacco smoking rate. Within a few years smoking rates are expected to be so low they can ban all tobacco products nation-wide. New Zealand has the same plans.

“Any increase on tobacco excise is a welcomed measure to help curb smoking,” she said. “Worldwide it’s acknowledged that taxation is the most single effective way of reducing tobacco consumption, it’s very important.”

The single best reason to quit smoking is your own health. The second best reason is be still be alive as your children and grand children grow up. The last good reason is money, because addicts will always find a way to get their drug.

However, if money motivates you – go for it!

If you could quit smoking for life within a couple of hours for less than you wasted on tobacco products in the past few weeks – would you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

Investing your savings.

If two 20 year old’s, both have the same health and financial status. 
One quits smoking, while the other continues to smoke 20 a day for only $20 per pack. If tobacco was to only increase in cost at the rate of inflation …. say 3 per cent a year … the smoker would waste $677,000 by the age of 65. 

If the non smoker had invested the same money in an average performing share trust at an average of say …. 9 per cent they would have more than $5.4 million. Taking into consideration inflation, which would be the equivalent of around $1.4 million in today’s terms. 

When you quit smoking, following therapy with Peter Zapfella, you could put aside the money you would have spent on tobacco products and invest it. 

You would not even notice it, because the equivalent of that money is currently going up in smoke.

If you have a home loan, or any loan at all, you could immediately increase your repayments by the equivalent amount and save on interest payments BIG TIME. You could pay off the loan much faster. You could buy investment properties, blue chip company shares and more.

If you keep smoking, effectively millions of future dollars will be gone forever. Your hard earned money will flow to the shareholders of tobacco companies and government consolidated revenue (taxation).

If you could quit smoking for life within a couple of hours for less than you wasted on tobacco products in the past few weeks – would you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

Other ways you’ll save by quitting

Aside from the real cash savings you’ll make by not buying tobacco products, quitting smoking will save you money in other ways too.

Cheaper insurance

When you choose to quit tobacco smoking your life insurance premiums will be lower; your premiums could be as much as 50 per cent cheaper once you have been smoke free for 12 months (the time period depends on individual companies), for exactly the same amount of cover.

Compulsive shopping & cash, Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get 'Rich'
Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get ‘Rich’

Private healthcare, income protection, home and car insurance are all cheaper for non-smokers – because poor health in the future is a much lower risk for non-smokers.

When you successfully quit with Peter Zapfella, let your providers know and start enjoying the benefits of reduced insurance premiums.

If you could quit smoking for life within a couple of hours for less than you wasted on tobacco products in the past few weeks – would you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

Better health = more money.

Once you quit smoking for life you will feel healthier and be less likely to take time off work because of illness. This will have a positive impact on your income, particularly if you are self-employed.

Welcome Better Prostate Health, Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get 'Rich'
Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get ‘Rich’
  • No more frustrating searches for a retail outlet that sells your cigarette brand. Save time and save money wasted on fuel too.
  • Freedom from addiction and dependency on tobacco. Freedom from slavery to tobacco companies.
  • Improved sense of taste. More enjoyment of food.
  • Improved sense of smell. More enjoyment of subtle things in life. 
  • Improved complexion. Looking better.
  • Improved concentration. Feeling better.
  • Improved sleep. Nicotine is a cause of insomnia.
  • Improved breathing. Clearer and cleaner.
  • Improved voice tone.
  • Improved singing voice.
  • Improved blood pressure.
  • Improved energy levels. Carbon monoxide in the blood blocks oxygen up-take.
  • Improved chances of finding a partner. Only around 20% of adults smoke. Non-smokers usually avoid smokers as lovers.
  • Improved chances of finding a healthy partner. Smokers suffer more illness and more 50 per cent more likely to die early as a result of smoking related diseases.
  • Improved eyes, less irritation from smoke.
  • Improved resistance from asthma.
  • Improved circulation.
  • Improved appearance, less skin wrinkles as you age.
  • Improved fertility rates for females and males.
  • Improved role model for children.
  • Improved impression of self when meeting people for first time.
  • Fresher breathe.
  • Cleaner, healthier teeth and gums.
  • Clearer thinking. More oxygen to the brain.
  • No smokers cough.
  • No yellow tar stains on teeth and fingers.
  • No longer a social leper.
  • No more constant reminder that I am not in control of my own life.
  • No more boxes of tissues for my nose and coughed up phlegm.
  • Pain free chest.
  • Longer more active life.
  • Lower risk of house fire.
  • Lower risk of emphysema.
  • Lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Smokers double risk.
  • Lower risk of circulatory problems.
  • Lower risk of heart disease.
  • Lower risk of several types of cancer.
  • Lower risk of stroke.
  • The contraceptive pill plus cigarettes increases cancer risk by 10 times.
  • Lower risk of osteoporosis.
  • Lower risk of diabetes.
  • Lower risk of gastro-intestinal problems and complications.
  • Lower risk of common bronchial infections.
  • Lower risk of miscarriage.
  • Lower risk of stillbirths.
  • Lower risk of congenital birth defects including cleft lip, palate, limb reductions.
  • Lower risk of children being born with autism and asthma.
  • Lower risk of low birth weight.
  • Lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS.
  • Lower risk of children suffering asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • Cleaner, fresher smelling home, car and work place.
  • Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals in quantities far above safe limits, which in turn cause abulia, an underlying factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Smoking was associated with a doubling of the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (lancet. com volume 351, page 1840)
  • Around 50 per cent of men who continue to smoke into their 40’s experience erectile dysfunction. Findings published in the international journal Tobacco Control, found that one in ten Australian men aged 16 to 59 has impotence and smokers are far more likely to suffer droop.
Welcome Strong Erection (Erectile Dysfunction) ED,Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get 'Rich'
Erectile Dysfunction ED. Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get ‘Rich’
  • Medical research proves cigarette smokers suffer disproportionately from mental disorders.(reference: medicolegal.tripod.com/preventmentaldisorder)
  • Smoking is not what it used to be because most people find the habit abhorrent, even offensive.

The good news is that as soon as a person quits smoking, at any age, the body commences to detox and heal. Because nicotine has a half-life of only 30 minutes it means that within 3 hours of your last cigarette only 1.5 per cent of that nicotine is left in the body. The short-term benefits of quitting are great! There are about 4800 chemicals contained in a cigarette out of which between 70 and 100 can cause cancer.  Smoking is not only lethal for the smoker himself but also for the people being exposed to the secondhand smoke. 

Quitting smoking before it causes you serious health problems impacting your earnings is another financial motivator to quit tobacco smoking.

If the answer for you is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

Corporate savings through employees quitting.

Corporate, Quit Tobacco Smoking: The Easy Way to Get 'Rich'

For employers and their employees, the advantages of you being a non-smoker include:

• Potential saving of more than AUS$5,000 per annum for every smoker employed, through lost productive time.

• Overcome the destructive/negative feelings that non-smoking employees feel when they continue to work, while smokers take ‘smoko breaks’ throughout the day, yet they are paid the same.

• A safer working environment for all. With fewer smokers overall, therefore fewer passive smokers, means over-all health benefits for all employees. 

• No more unsightly, stinking cigarette butt’s in ashtrays and on the ground outside the entrance of the business. No more staff standing around puffing on cigarettes. A far better corporate image. 

• The business and employees better health, vitality and self-esteem.

Add it all up.


When we add up all the direct (purchase of tobacco product) costs, indirect (insurance and lost work time) costs, plus the more than likely costs of ill health in the future (half of all long-term smokers die because they smoked). Tobacco smoking is financial suicide.

If you could quit smoking within a couple of hours, with no nicotine withdrawals, and no weight gain. No patches, pills or other products, no on-going sessions – how much would that be worth to you? In financial terms alone it could be worth millions of dollars – to YOU – plus your continued good health.

If you could quit smoking within a couple of hours for less than you wasted on tobacco products in the past few weeks – would you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ … continue reading.

How difficult is it to quitting smoking?

You have no doubt heard that quitting tobacco smoking id hard? You may have heard that nicotine addiction is very difficult to overcome?

None of it is true. (Perhaps those rumors began from within tobacco companies?)

The information Peter Zapfella presents to his quit smoking clients is clear and concise. The emphasis is on understanding the smoking addiction – how it formed in the first place, how it operates and how to logically ‘pull it apart’ – so it can end immediately without withdrawals, weight gain or side effects. 

* In truth smoking does not ‘relieve stress’, aid in ‘concentration’ or  cause ‘relaxation’ – it’s all an illusion at the unconscious level of mind. 

* Why it is difficult and unpleasant to quit smoking using willpower (including the government funded ‘Quit’ program), nicotine replacement therapy etc. 

* Compelling proof that nicotine is NOT the addictive drug ‘they’ say it is. The truth is, it’s all an urban myth – promoted by certain multi-national drug companies with products to sell. Nicotine has NEVER been proven to be addictive. 

* How to be a happy non-smoker, with no sense of loss or deprivation. 

* The vast majority of Peter Zapfella’s clients find the process positive, inspirational, empowering and totally effective. 

* Reports suggest the overall success rate of Peter Zapfella’s quit smoking program is around 96 per cent. Independent studies conducted by Woodside Energy, have shown a 100 per cent quit late with no relapse into smoking of their (80) staff at work, at 24 months from their original quit smoking session with Peter Zapfella.

* Most smokers have tried the various nicotine replacement therapies – nicotine patches and gum (and the other variants – including lozenges, inhalers, pills and E – Cigarettes) Most people do not know that independent university research shows these products have a 93 per cent failure rate. The drugs Bupropion (sold as Zyban) and Varenicline (sold as Champix) have awful side effects for many people and low success rates.  

Now there is a simpler way to quit forever.

QUIT FREE of nicotine withdrawals and struggle

QUIT FREE of weight gain

QUIT FREE of patches, gum and pills

FREE follow-up IF relapsed


www.PeterZapfella.com or www.SkypeTherapy.Live or www.MandurahHypnosis.com

also… problem alcohol or gambling, food cravings, phobias, depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks and more…. See web site for conditions and details.

Following his one-on-one 2 hour quit smoking session, with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Peter Zapfella provides you with effective techniques to stop relapse back into smoking later. He provides a 500 page CD-ROM of resources – including MP3 recordings, valued at more than $150.00.

Plus, if you were to start smoking again – in one day, one week, one month or even one year following your original session, he welcomes your return for a FREE follow-up session.

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