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Peter Zapfella’s group of web sites are moving to a signature new Dedicated Private Server in the USA.

Dedicated Private Server

As part of the overall move www.InternetHypnosis.Shop will soon split from A new Chinese Mandarin language front page will be created for www.互联网催眠店.cn, and a Spanish language landing page will be created for These will link to all relevant language MP’s (over 2000) on www.InternetHypnosis.Shop

Typical shared web site hosting faces more security threats than ever. Technologically advanced hackers are constantly trying to steal personal identity details, financial and commercial information. This impacts the security of web site visitors and customers too. Our decision to move to a  Dedicated Private Server results in;

  • Commitment to future growth and development. (Not a monthly subscription, but a prepaid Three Year Program).
  • Full control. Better security from hacking attacks.
  • Protection from cross infection (such as viruses,  blacklisting and party interference) by other web sites on a shared server.
  • Increased credibility from our clients and customers because they know their information is protected behind a secure firewall.
  • Remote back-up of the web sites.
  • Reliability. Uninterrupted maintenance and troubleshooting support.
  • Increased capacity for growth of content, including pages and MP3’s.
  • Increased capacity for daily traffic.
  • Increased download speeds.
  • Exclusive IP Address.
  • Full SSL and anti-virus protection.
  • and much more.

Our move to a  Dedicated Private Server enables our team to give you a safer and better online experience.

I explained our move to someone a few days ago this way. “Imagine you are renting a room in a share house, or perhaps an office in a shared business premises. If someone leaves the backdoor unlocked, or they forget to turn off an electrical device – everyone is threatened. The same applies when a web site is using shared hosting. Everyone on that shared server is threatened, and every customer of every web site is threatened.”

Our decision to move to a  Dedicated Private Server arose because;

  • we were quickly running out of storage on the shared server we were using, as Internet Hypnosis dot Shop continues to grow.
  • our previous shared hosting site had a hack attack, that comprised the security of client/customer information.
Poor Shared Server
Customer Service: Poor Shared Server

The move will cost us more in the short term, but it demonstrates our commitment to be a leader in the field of downloadable MP3 therapies on the internet. We are achieving this by creating the largest and most diverse resource of health and lifestyle products, and online psychotherapy, available in English plus other languages. This means THE BEST possible security.

This also gives you THE BEST possible security, greater efficiency, and of course more choice at value prices.

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