Multiple Languages Spoken at Internet Hypnosis Shop. 9 Reasons Why Not and 8 Reasons Why.

I suppose someone had to do it sooner or later, and I have certainly been giving it a lot of thought over the past few years. Why are all the hypnosis and subliminal affirmation download web sites only in English? Why not make them available in multiple languages?

  1. The English language has always dominated the Internet. It was invented by English speakers. The source code is in English. They say 55.5 percent of all web content is in English. Yet, only around 20 percent of the world’s population can speak English, with 15 percent speaking English as a second. or third or whatever language. And, there are many who can understand it to some extent but cannot hold a conversation in English. Only around 5 percent of us are native English speakers.
  2. One very good reason why other hypnosis and subliminal affirmation download web sites only produce English language content is cost. It takes a lot of time and money to produce content for hypnosis and subliminal affirmation web sites, plus the cost of setting-up and running a E-commerce web site. Multiplying that cost several times over for additional languages quickly goes into the ‘too hard’ basket.
foreign langauges.min

3. For example; If I have one English language title with 5 or 6 variants now, and I add 6 new languages in addition to English each with 5 variants, I now have 30 new MP3s for every title. With more than 400 titles (representing about 2,500 variant MP3s) I am looking at more than 12,000 extra MP3s to write and record and sort and store. That is an expensive undertaking for any web master. (If each new MP3 costs $10 to produce that is $120,000). Am I up for it?

4. What is the likely ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) to pursue this exercise? At best it is a long-term investment. At worst it is a folly. Any accountant would say “Do not do it“.

5. If I am not fluent in those other languages how can I create them? I was born lucky because I was born in a country where English is the most common language. I have never had to learn another, beyond a few words of welcome. I am a native speaker of English. Therefore any thought of creating multiple language MP3s quickly goes into the ‘too hard’ basket.

6. Although these numbers are constantly changing, a quick look at the overall percentages of people around the world who speak English as their first, second, third or whatever language online is around 25 percent of all languages used online. That is enough for most hypnosis and subliminal affirmation download web sites to limit themselves to English. They argue that you do not have to speak English, as long as you understand it. They say that is all that counts.

7. People who understand but do not speak English, and some non-native speakers tell us they do not ‘think’ in English, as we native speakers do. They ‘think’ in their own native language. Therefore when they listen to someone speaking in English they must interpret what they hear into their own language. They do not understand some words, or there is no corresponding word or words in their own language. These conscious processes are distracting and can cause them to ‘fall-out’ of a hypnotic trance assuming they achieved it at all. This flies in the face of excuses made by some hypnosis and subliminal affirmation web masters that “you do not have to speak English, as long as you understand it.” That may be true for conversations, but is it true for hypnotic trance? Is it true for subliminal affirmations which avoid conscious analytical thinking altogether? Obviously these Web Masters are not multi-lingual themselves, otherwise they would understand their error.

8. More than 70 percent of all web sites currently online are primarily in the English language. This speaks volumes about the online imbalance because only around 5 percent of people speak English as their native language. If you cannot understand English you must use a translator to access all this content . Thats fine for most web sites, including most E-commerce sites – but what about spoken word download web sites such as the Internet Hypnosis Shop?

9. Spoken word web sites such as English language hypnosis and subliminal affirmation downloads are meaningless for around 75 percent of the worlds Internet users.

Graph from as at 31 March 2020.
  1. Not all Chinese speak Mandarin but most do. Others may understand it, but not speak it because it is the national language used on TV and movies. Few Chinese nationals understand or speak any English. The number of Chinese venturing online is increasing at a faster rate than in any other language. While generating around 20 percent of all web traffic the Chinese only have around 1.4 percent of websites online. Can you see an imbalance that must correct itself?

2. Right across south, and central America most people speak Spanish. It is the fastest-growing language in North America. Today 8 percent of all Internet users are Spanish speakers. Tomorrow it will be more, because with the popularity of smartphones, the number of Spanish-speaking Internet users is increasing. Currently, around 4 percent of all websites are available in Spanish.

3. The other major language group in South America is Portuguese. They represent 4 or 5 percent of all Internet users. Of course, Portuguese and Spanish are also spoken on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe. Portuguese speakers only have access to just over 1 percent of websites in their own language.

4. Arabic in various forms is spoken across the Middle East (Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and The Koran of course), and is currently rated as the fourth most used language online. Almost half a billion people speak it. Yet they have only around 1 percent of all web sites in their language.

5. Indonesian and Malay represent a massive Asian language group (around 300 million) that is really just starting to establish itself as an online force. Indonesian speakers will explode on to the online world in significant numbers soon. Other Indonesian and Malay language speakers understand Indonesian when they hear it because it is the language of TV and movies. Plus all Indonesians must learn it in school. Less than 1 percent of web sites are published in the Indonesian languages.

6. For the same reason, I have included Indian Hindi. Hindi is the major Indian language with many Indians including themselves as either first, second, or third Hindi language speakers. Many others who do not speak it do understand it because it is the Indian language of government and media. Until now the majority of Indian Internet users have also spoken enough English to get by, however the trend has flipped as non-English speaking Indians are exploring the online world. Internet access within India increased to nearly 50 percent in 2020 (696 million), from just about 4 percent in 2007. The forecast is about 1 billion by 2025. India is already ranked as the second largest Internet market in the world after China. Hindi speakers live and work throughout South-East Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe. Just 0.1 percent of web sites appear in Hindi. Can you see an imbalance which is correcting itself?

7. While French has reached full growth in France, it is spoken in other countries beyond Europe, particularly in Africa and the Middle East where the Internet is yet to see growth. Therefore InternetHypnosis.Shop will seriously consider including the French language in the future. Japanese currently has around 3 percent of Internet traffic. Japan is a technologically advanced country with excellent Internet access. Just over 2 percent of all web sites are Japanese. However native speakers are generally limited to the Japanese islands where the population is rapidly ageing. I have included German here as it also appears to have already hit its high point and will be overtaken by the aforementioned languages in the near future. For this reason I have not included either in this exercise.

8. Without a doubt the introduction of tablets (iPads) and smartphones (iPhones) with Internet access, and new Internet satellites are responsible for the explosion of non-English traffic online. This is set to continue. Over time we will see the percentage of English speakers online, and the percentage of English websites shrink as other language web sites increase to meet the increasing demand.

9. The Internet Hypnosis Shop has always been innovative. Always breaking new ground and going where other web sites fear to tread. Therefore the Internet Hypnosis Shop is preparing for the eventuality of the explosion of the languages discussed above and the decline of English influence on the Internet by creating MP3 downloads in these other languages.

Foreign lanhuages spoken at Internet Hypnosis Shop.

Each title presented in multiple languages has a choice of 5 variants each (Gentle Lake Waves, Piano and Guitar Music, ‘Zumba’ Latin Dance Music, Calming anti-anxiety binaural waves, and Sleep inducing Theta binaural waves). Each of these has an audible first read of an affirmation before it drops down under the variant foreground sounds, and becomes subliminal – as do all Classic Welcome subliminal affirmations in English.

In this way the conscious mind of the listener hears the affirmation read aloud in their own language. They can consciously ‘approve it’ and ‘accept it‘ before it slides down under the foreground environmental effects and music. In that way the deep unconscious hears it repeated every minute or so, without it becoming annoying to the conscious mind. This transparent approach is exclusive to ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations.

Each multiple language Internet Hypnosis Shop title now has the potential to benefit many more people around the world reaching perhaps as many as 70 percent of all Internet users (based on current estimates for Chinese Mandarin. Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian Malay, Arabic, Indian Hindi and English of course. Japanese and French may be added later. Then we can change the lives of countless millions of people for the better as they overcome the self limiting beliefs and negative emotions that blocked them from their true potentials. We can really make the world a better place, one by one. Step by step.

Because of cost, complexity, and sheer size of the project, while it has already begun, the progressive introduction of multiple language variants will continue throughout 2022, and perhaps beyond?

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