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Peter Zapfella has researched, written and recorded the scripts for children – to help gently influence children to change their negative thinking and behaviors in a positive way. As a result, children have an opportunity to weather the emotional storms of puberty so much better. and become successful young adults.

Prime Hypnosis incorporate an advanced hypnotic induction by licensed professional hypnotherapists Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad. This is followed by the relevant Classic Welcome affirmations, usually repeated 10 to 12 times in a row. Relaxing music and Theta binaural waves complete this ‘life changing’ experience.

The Prime Hypnosis MP3’s are available individually and in discounted Bundles – in English. They will become available in both Chinese Mandarin and Spanish. as our production schedule progresses. Some will be available in Indonesian and Indian Hindi too.

Children’s category Premium Welcome subliminal affirmation MP3s are to be voiced by a child (Will) in the second channel saying ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ as appropriate. A young woman, (Heather) replaces Peter Zapfella as she speaks in the first channel addressing ‘you’ and ‘your’.

Using a randomized, nonblinded, repeated measures design study, 176 sleeping (stage 4 slow-wave sleep) children aged 5 to 12 years old were exposed to the voice of a female stranger. 83.0 percent responded. That is almost 5 percent more than the 78.4 percent who responded to the voice of their own mother. In another study, 84.6 percent responded to a stranger male voice, while almost 3 percent more, or 87.2 percent responded to a stranger female voice.

Studies found sleeping children responded almost 90 per cent (88.8%) of the time to combined male and female voices.

Therefore all Internet Hypnosis. Shop ‘Welcome’ Premium MP3’s for children feature the voice of Heather, our female voice-over artist, and Will our male child voice-over artist. (Some also feature Lilly our female child voice over talent) While Peter Zapfella voices Classic titles he does not voice Premium titles.

Note: These MP3’s should only be used by the parents of children following consultation with their children’s health professionals.

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