Meditation White Light


White light is the universal positive energy of healing and protection from negative energies.

White Light Meditation – Short is an Ancient Meditation Technique it has long been kept secret by spiritual healers, empaths, psychics, and those working with the subtle life energies.

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Peter Zapfella 25th Anniversary 1995-2020
25th Anniversary 1995-2020

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The Meditation White Light is, or was occult (hidden) knowledge for many centuries. It has long been used by sharman and sourcerers for protection from evil and dark energies, and black magick (supernatural magic or magick, as opposed to stage magic and trickery).

Spiritual mediums, white witches and other occultists often cast a circle of white light around themselves as ‘protection’ from dark forces before going into trance.

Although it does have parallels with prayer and meditations performed in various religions, it’s practice is distinct from any religion. Dhyāna in Sanskrit (Devanagari: ध्यान) or jhāna (झान) in Pāli can refer to either meditation or meditative states. Equivalent terms are “Chán” in Chinese Mandarin, “Zen” in Japanese, “Seon” in Korean, “Thien” in Vietnamese, and “Samten” in Tibetan.

The Meditation White Light can be used as a subtle self treatment for depression, as it creates a positive, protective aura, or personal ‘force-field’ from negativity. White light energy carries all the colours. When we use this ancient wisdom as a healing agent, it can bring balance to our physical, psychic, emotional or mental states.

The many benefits of regular Meditation White Light include;

  • promotes good physical health, as it clears negativity from your aura.
  • assists you to reduce, and overcomes low self-esteem and confidence
  • helps overcome resentment, jealousy and anger toward others
  • protects you from psychic attack
  • protects you from the psychological effects of energy-sucking people
  • assists you to focus upon life goals

The spectrum of white light is usually regarded as the purest spiritual energy. So when you perceive it, you might be experiencing a new, powerful energy that can allow you to connect better to your inner self, and your super consciousness or higher self.

I suggest you use this meditation before any emotionally challenging life situation, and just before you fall asleep.

You may have heard of the Third Eye. It’s one of our seven energy chakras. Normally, after several months of daily meditation practice, the Third Eye will be activated. At first, you will start noticing flickers of white light during meditations. You may perceive colors and shapes too.

Meditation – journey of spiritual awakening
White Light Meditation

Some people perceive the dominant colours of auras (as above), while others just the light or energy. I believe our aura is ‘the soul’.

Eventually, and with practice, you can perceive these energy bodies, or auras, around living things. Large trees are perhaps the easiest to ‘see’, and then later other people and animals will reveal their energy bodies too.

You can learn to interpret these colours, and how they indicate the health, the mood, and the beliefs of the individual.


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