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Do you feel at risk of criticism?

Do you feel as if you might be liable to physical or emotional attack?

Do you constantly feel endangered, perhaps for no apparent reason?

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25th Anniversary 1995-2020

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Vulnerability is the state of feeling exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. Relief, and a life free from feeling vulnerable is paramount to the sufferer.

The word ‘vulnerable’ originally meant “capable of being physically wounded”. Now, it’s meaning has expanded to figuratively suggest ‘defenselessness against non-physical attacks’.

Synonyms of the word ‘vulnerable’ include; in danger and in peril or in jeopardy and at risk as in endangered and unsafe or unprotected. Perhaps ill-protected and unguarded or open to attack or attackable and assailable such as exposed, or wide open and undefended or unshielded or unfortified or unarmed or without arms or without weapons and defenseless. Also easily hurt and wounded or damaged or powerless and helpless or pregnable or  impuissant and resistless such as exposed to also open to and wide open to or  liable to and prone to and prey to or susceptible to.

Antonyms of the word ‘vulnerable’ include; guarded and secure and safe and protected or strong and closed.

Now you can change the way you think and feel about past vulnerability by regularly listening to your ‘Welcome Life Free From Feeling Vulnerable’ MP3.

‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations;  Welcome Life Free From Feeling Vulnerable

Advantages of Welcome subliminal affirmations video in English (Click here)  中文普通话视频(点击这里) Video en español (Haga clic aquí), Vídeo português. (clique aqui) Video Indonesia.(Klik di sini)  भारतीय हिंदी वीडियो. अरबी वीडियो (यहाँ क्लिक करें) متجر المنومات العربية فيديو عربي (انقر هنا)

Hypnosis & affirmation linguistic errors English video ‘Click here’ 中文普通话视频.Video en español, Vídeo português. Video Indonesia. भारतीय हिंदी वीडियो. अरबी वीडियो.  فيديو خطأ باللغة العربية/

Multiple Languages will build Internet Hypnosis dot Shop to more than 6000 Classic subliminal affirmation MP3’s by end 2022 in Chinese – Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian-Malay, Indian-Hindi, Arabic and of course English. 

The Mind Is Everything.What you think you become. Buddha. min
The Mind Is Everything. What you think you become. Buddha

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Your deep unconscious mind can unlearn the feeling of vulnerability just as it learnt it in the first place.

Now you can listen to Welcome Life Free From Feeling Vulnerable subliminals when ready to sleep and let these gentle and encouraging words guide your unconscious mind into the realms of dreams.

Learning while sleeping min, Welcome Life Beyond Social Phobia - www.InternetHypnosis.Shop

Subliminal Affirmation Text:  Welcome Life Free From Feeling Vulnerable

“You are a survivor. You feel emotional strength rising from deep within. You now reject past fears. You now reject past stresses. You now reject past hopelessness. 

Your inner belief of yourself and your ability to adapt to any situation is your deep secret of success. Now you can stand firm on your own opinions and beliefs. Because, through life’s adversities you are stronger. You feel no need to ‘fit in’ and ‘comply’ with people who try to control and manipulate. You are free to be yourself. 

You are now more relaxed in the mind and body. And, you are more confident.  The way that you feel is becoming better and better because the burdens have been lifted for ever and ever now that you welcome life free from feeling vulnerable.”

Exclusive to Internet Hypnosis. Shop  subliminal affirmations are clearly spoken just once before they fade-down and ‘disappear’ from conscious awareness within masking music and environmental sounds. In this way, you know for sure what your deep unconscious mind is hearing. 

WARNING: On other sites, the conscious boredom caused by tedious repetition, and any self-doubts about so called ‘silent’ affirmations can lead to annoyance, uncertainty and suspicion about their content. This can potentially ‘block’ all benefits of those other affirmation messages. 

PRIME HYPNOSIS MP3’s incorporating these affirmations, following a Classic hypnotic induction with professional hypnotherapists Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad will be added to the line-up during 2022. They will not be annoying and bothersome because they are delivered following an advanced hypnotic induction. They are abreaction free. Internet Hypnosis. Shop is the only web site with hypnosis MP3 downloads in English English language video , Chinese Mandarin 中文普通话视频. and Spanish Video en español.  


Please read the Subliminal Listening Guide before use.

Click on the ‘101’ image below to read the excellent reasons why ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are your best choice.   

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100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are so delighted with the Welcome Life Free From Feeling Vulnerable subliminal affirmations they come with the same industry-leading, lifetime money-back, guarantee as all ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations. ‘Click’ on the image to read details.

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Talking Hypnosis Podcast and Weekly Radio Show


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