Meditation – Delta Binaural Waves


Delta Binaural Waves operate at a frequency of .1 to 4 Hz. They have these incredible properties:

– Deep Sleep

– Healing

– Pain Relief

– Recovery

– Anti-aging through cortisol reduction and DHEA increase

– Access to the collective Superconscious Mind

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Pure Delta Binaural Waves operate at a frequency of 0.1 to 4 Hz.

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Delta Binaural Waves have these incredible properties:

– They cause deep sleep

– At this level of deep consciousness they cause healing

– They aid in pain relief

– Recovery

– Anti-aging, through cortisol reduction and DHEA increase.

– Access to the collective Superconscious Mind.

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Pure Delta Binaural waves are an auditory illusion. They are perceived by the human brain when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to the listener dichotically. The brain then creates a third phantom wave, which balances the two pure-tones in each ear. Therefore, they are most effective when heard with headphones, a different tone in each ear.

For example, if you were to listen to the Internet Hypnosis. Shop Pure Delta Binaural Waves, a 200Hz tone would be heard in one ear and a 205Hz tone in the other ear. Your brain would then create a third phantom tone of 5Hz which would generate a brain state that would make you feel very relaxed and even sleepy. This is a brainwave range of .1Hz to 4Hz we call Delta.

Professor Heinrich Wilhelm Dove

Professor Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered Binaural Waves in 1839.

Binaural Wave Chart

The following Pure Tone Binaural Waves are available for FREE download at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop.

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  • Pure Delta Binaural Waves
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  • seXXX Binaural Waves

Some Pure Binaural Waves are available within ‘Classic Welcome’ subliminal affirmations at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop.

WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 when driving or using machinery, or if epileptic.

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