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Welcome subluminal affirmations can help break-through deep unconscious blocks to your ultimate fitness and sport performance. They can motivate you to push harder toward your goals.

Below are listed a range of fitness and sport topics for you to choose from.

Fitness and Sport Welcome’ foreground variants are read aloud once, so you can clearly hear the affirmation before it fades down into the background and becomes subliminal. In that way you consciously know exactly what your deep unconscious mind is about to hear. This builds confidence in the messages while at the same time ‘unlocking’ access to the deep unconscious mind and facilitating profound change.

The sound level of the Fitness and Sport affirmation messages are low, but not absolutely ‘silent’.  Your conscious mind could hear them if there were no masking foreground sounds. Studies prove this is the most effective subliminal level for success because the conscious mind knows they are there, yet they are not irritating and annoying.

Because we all have different listening preferences, every sport Welcome subliminal affirmation product has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. You can download whichever foreground variants match your style and mood.

They are available in a discounted Bundle.

If you prefer to hear affirmations following an advanced hypnotic induction  – we give you that choice too. Enter ‘Prime Hypnosis’.

Prime Hypnosis MP3’s incorporating Fitness and Sport affirmations, following a Classic hypnotic induction with two qualified hypnotherapists at the same time – Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad. Relaxing music and Theta binaural waves complete the ‘life changing’ experience.

At Internet Hypnosis dot Shop we have subliminal affirmations and Prime Hypnosis and Hipno Hop Rap to help train you to visualize and perform better sports.

Imagery, or creative visualization techniques are used by elite sports people everywhere to better achieve their goals. It is mental rehearsal with repetition of exactly what they want to experience in reality.

Repeated imagery can build confidence in an athlete’s ability to perform skills and perform them under pressure.

As with physical practice sessions mental visualization’s can train the mind to rehearse, as if real, the performance skills and successful competition performances.

For best results these scenarios should include visual (images), kinesthetic (physical body feelings), and auditory (sounds). These sensory details assist to make the visualization compelling and as if real for the deep unconscious mind (which does not understand the difference between reality and imagined scenarios. That is why they should be as realistic as possible).

Researchers have been studying the impact of imagery on sports performance and publishing their findings in sports psychology books and papers.

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