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Until now you may have thought ‘Coming Soon’ related to new MP3 releases from the studio. It still does.

But now ‘Coming Soon  also announces new developments at Internet Hypnosis. Shop

During 2023 Welcome subliminal affirmations will be joined by ‘Prime Hypnosis’ MP3’s (in English) aligned to every product title and discounted Bundle. Later available in Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, Indonesian and Indian Hindi too.

Then multiple language Welcome subliminal affirmation MP3’s will be added in the following 6 languages:

到 2023 年,将有超过 400 部流行歌曲和 2000 部中文普通话 MP3 播放。

Em 2023, quase 100 MP3s populares estarão disponíveis em língua portuguesa.

2023 में हिंदी में लगभग 100 लोकप्रिय शीर्षक और 300 एमपी3 उपलब्ध होंगे।

سيكون ما يقرب من 100 عنوان شعبي و 300 ملف MP3 باللغة العربية 2023

En 2023, más de 200 MP3 populares estarán disponibles en español.

Hampir 100 judul populer dan 300 file MP3 akan ada di Indonesia 2023

Every language will have its own landing page with a list of products available in those languages.

Internet Hypnosis. Shop Studio, Peter Zapfella. Min

David discusses new products Coming Soon  to the Internet Hypnosis. Shop.

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The following Welcome Subliminal Affirmation MP3’s are in production and will be Coming Soon to our product line-up.

Internet Hypnosis. Shop is ongoing ‘work in progress’.

Welcome Subliminal Affirmations are in production at the rate of around 30 new titles every month, (about one per day) so keep an eye here to see these new ‘Coming Soon  products.

  1. Welcome Life Free From Vanity
  2. Welcome Life Free From the Paranoia
  3. Welcome Life Free From the Overly Possessive
  4. Welcome Life Free From the Conceited  
  5. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Manipulated
  6. Welcome Life Free From Ruthless People
  7. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Pathetic and Pitiful
  8. Welcome Trust
  9. Welcome Curiosity
  10. Welcome Another Wonderful Day
  11. Welcome Life Free From Past Childhood Trauma
  12. Welcome Life Free From Past Childhood Sexual Abuse
  13. Welcome Life Free From Past Childhood Physical Abuse
  14. Welcome Life Free From Child Emotional Abuse
  15. Welcome Life Free From Stealing and Thieving
  16. Welcome Life Free From Hoarding
  17. Welcome Job Interview Confidence and Success
  18. Welcome Life Free From Drink Driving
  19. Welcome Life Free From Self-Criticism
  20. Welcome Life Free From Fear Authorities
  21. Welcome Life Free From Fear Police
  22. Welcome Life Free From Racism
  23. Welcome Life Free From Fear Foreigners
  24. Welcome Life Free From Fear African Races
  25. Welcome Life Free From Fear Asian Races
  26. Welcome Life Free From Fear Arab Races
  27. Welcome Life Free From Fear Muslims
  28. Welcome Life Free From Sleep Talking
  29. Welcome Life Free From Frugality
  30. Welcome Life Free From Wastefulness
  31. Welcome Life Free From Urge to Acquire More
  32. Welcome Accepting Hugs
  33. Welcome Accepting Love and Affection
  34. Welcome Life Beyond Driving Asleep
  35. Welcome Life Beyond Warts
  36. Welcome Life Beyond Genital Warts
  37. Welcome Life Beyond Fear Balloons
  38. Welcome Life Beyond Fear Explosions
  39. Welcome Life Beyond Fear Motor Bike Riding
  40. Welcome Life Beyond Fear of Moths and Butterflies
  41. Welcome Life Beyond Fear Furry Animals
  42. Welcome Life Beyond Gagging
  43. Welcome Future Goal Setting
  44. Welcome Motivation to Clean and Tidy
  45. Welcome Life Beyond Type 2 Diabetes
  46. Welcome Life Beyond Being Selfish
  47. Welcome Life Beyond Feeling Self Pity
  48. Welcome Life Beyond Being Obsessed
  49. Welcome Life Beyond Being Resentful
  50. Welcome Life Beyond Feeling Repressed
  51. Welcome Life Beyond Being Reclusive
  52. Welcome Life Free From Seeking Perfection
  53. Welcome Life Free From Wanting Vengeance
  54. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Lost
  55. Welcome Life Free From Being Cheated Upon
  56. Welcome Life Free From Playing the Victim
  57. Welcome Life Free From Being Unmotivated
  58. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Inadequate
  59. Welcome Life Free From Being Impatient
  60. Welcome Life Free From Being Timid
  61. Welcome Life Free From feeling Superior
  62. Welcome Life Free From Being Stubborn
  63. Welcome Life Free From Being Revengeful
  64. Welcome Life Free From Being Erratic
  65. Welcome Life Free From Being Egotistical
  66. Welcome Life Free From Being Hateful
  67. Welcome Life Free From Being Spiteful
  68. Welcome Life Free From Being Disappointed
  69. Welcome Life Free From Being Greedy
  70. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Dread
  71. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Contempt
  72. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Desperate
  73. Welcome Life Free From Being Demanding
  74. Welcome Life Free From Being Cowardly
  75. Welcome a Faster Metabolism
  76. Welcome Life Free From Confusion
  77. Welcome Life Free From Complaining.
  78. Welcome Life Free from Seeking Vengeance
  79. Welcome Life Free From Cowardice
  80. Welcome Life Free From Demanding
  81. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Desperate
  82. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Contempt
  83. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Dread
  84. Welcome Life Free From Greed
  85. Welcome Life Free from Withdrawn & Numb
  86. Welcome Life Free From Disappointment
  87. Welcome Life Free From Spite
  88. Welcome Life Free From Hate
  89. Welcome Life Free From Ego
  90. Welcome Life Free From Erratic
  91. Welcome Life Free From Revenge
  92. Welcome Life Free From Stubbornness
  93. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Superior
  94. Welcome Life free From Feeling Timid
  95. Welcome Life free From Impatientness
  96. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Inadequate
  97. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Unmotivated
  98. Welcome You Can Do Anything
  99. Welcome Abundance; You can have it all
  100. Welcome Life Free From Playing The Victim
  101. Welcome Life Free From Being Cheated Upon
  102. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Lost
  103. Welcome Life Free from Seeking Perfection
  104. Welcome Life Free From Being Reclusive
  105. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Repressed
  106. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Resentful
  107. Welcome Life Free From Being Obsessive
  108. Welcome Life Free From Feeling Self Pity
  109. Welcome Life Free From Type 2 Diabetes
  110. Welcome Life Free From Being Selfish
  111. Welcome Faster Sports Injury Recover
  112. Welcome Motivation to Clean and Tidy
  113. Welcome Future Goal Setting
  114. Welcome Life Free From Gagging
  115. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Furry Animals
  116. Welcome Life free From Fear of Mothers & Butterflies
  117. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Motor Bike Riding
  118. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Explosions
  119. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Balloon
  120. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Genital Warts
  121. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Warts
  122. Welcome Life Free From Sleep Driving
  123. Welcome Accepting Love & Affection
  124. Welcome Accepting Hugs
  125. Welcome Life Free From Urge to Acquire More
  126. Welcome Life free From Wastefulness
  127. Welcome Life Free From Frugality
  128. Welcome Life Free From Sleep Talking
  129. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Muslims
  130. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Arab Races
  131.  Welcome Life Free From Fear of Asian Races
  132. Welcome Life free From Fear of African Races
  133. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Foreigners
  134. Welcome Life Free From Fear of Racism
  135.  Welcome Life Free From Fear of Police
  136.  Welcome Life Free from Fear of Authorities
  137. Welcome Life free From Criticism
  138.  Welcome Life Free from Drink Driving (Drunk)
  139. Welcome Job Interview Confidence & Success.
  140. Welcome Life Free From Hoarding
  141. Welcome Life Free From Stealing & Thieving
  142. Welcome Life Free From Child Emotional Abuse
  143. Welcome Life Free From Child Physical Abuse
  144.  Welcome Life Free From Child Sexual Abuse
  145. Welcome Life Free From Child Trauma
  146. Welcome Another Wonderful Day
  147. Welcome Curiosity
  148. Welcome Trust
  149. Welcome Healthy Life Style Choices
  150. Welcome Walking
  151.  Welcome Life Free From Shaking Legs & Hand Tremor
  152. Welcome Life Free From Problem Gaming
  153. Welcome Super Sales Success
  154. Welcome Super Sales Motivation
  155. Welcome Super Sales Positive Self Talk
  156.  Welcome Super Sales Networking
  157. Welcome Super Online Sales
  158. Welcome Social Media Sales
  159. Welcome Affiliate Program Sales (Associate/Partner)
  160. Welcome A Child Who Loves School
  161. Welcome A Child Who Copes With Bullies
  162. Welcome Freedom From Burnout
  163. Welcome Freedom From Fear of Technology
  164. Welcome Freedom From Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)
  165. Welcome Freedom From Feeling Crushed & Bereft
  166. Welcome Freedom From Feeling Bashful
  167. Welcome Freedom From Feeling Betrayed
  168. Welcome Freedom From Hypochondria
  169. Welcome Freedom From Feeling Hideous & Unattractive
  170. Welcome Life Free From ‘Passive Aggressive’ Personalities
  171. Welcome Life Free From ‘Control Freak’ Personalities
  172. Welcome Life Free From ‘Know It All’ Personalities
  173.  Welcome freedom From Compulsive Lying (Pseudologia Fantastica)
  174.  Welcome Freedom From Fear Of Possible Medical Emergencies
  175.  Welcome Freedom From Fear of Odors
  176. Welcome Freedom from Fear of Waiting
  177. Welcome Freedom From Fear of Sex
  178. Welcome Awareness of Traffic Hazards
  179.  Welcome Freedom From Shock
  180. Welcome Freedom From Poor Relationship Choices
  181. Welcome Freedom From Cult Control
  182. Welcome Life Free From ‘Discount’ & ‘Special Offer’ Dependencies
  183. Welcome Better Leadership
  184. Welcome Freedom From Teenage Anxiety
  185. Welcome Freedom From Addictive Personality
  186. Welcome Freedom From Jetlag
  187. Welcome Freedom From Fear of Losing Virginity
  188.  Welcome Freedom From Road RageWelcome Better Tennis
  189. Welcome Freedom From Nervous Laughter
  190. Welcome Thinking Before Speaking (Foot In Mouth)
  191. Welcome Making New Friends
  192. Welcome Fun House Cleaning
  193. Welcome Finding A Lost Item
  194. Welcome Better Money Management (Budgeting)
  195. Welcome Freedom From Knee Pain
  196.  Welcome Acceptance of Divorce For Children
  197. Welcome Acceptance of a Grandparent For Children
  198.  Welcome Acceptance of Loss of a Friend
  199. Welcome Freedom From High Blood Pressure
  200. Welcome Recovery From Long Covid-19
  201. Welcome Freedom From Acid Reflux
  202. Welcome More Serotonin For Happiness
  203. Welcome More Dopamine For Increased Pleasure
  204.  Welcome More Oxytocin For Bonding & Love
  205. Welcome Pain Relief With Endorphins
  206. Welcome Prolactin For Sexual Satisfaction
  207. Welcome Suppressed Appetite With Cholecystokinin
  208. Welcome A Faster Metabolism & Slower Appetite with Leptin
  209. Welcome Confident Travel On Public Transport
  210. Welcome Skill With Numbers & Math
  211. Welcome Freedom From ‘Pokie Machine’ Gambling Addiction
  212. Welcome Better Memory For Names & Faces
  213. Welcome Better Eye Sight
  214. Welcome Better Hearing
  215. Welcome Better Taste & Smell
  216. Welcome Skill with Words & Spelling
  217. Welcome Feeling Awesome Everyday
  218. Welcome Learning Ham Radio Theory and Exams

Next will follow Prime Hypnosis in English.

Then multi-language subliminal affirmations MP3’s in Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Indian Hindi and Arabic.

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