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What are NLP Anchors?

The purpose of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is to be very practical and useful in enhancing the quality of life. It represents an attitude and a way of being. As such NLP has a trail of effective techniques and processes that can facilitate the expression of your own internal resources to move you on a journey from a present state; that is the sum total of all your neurological and physical processes at this moment in time, across to the desired state, with appropriate new behaviors, thoughts and feelings.

Present State ð your Internal Resources ð Desired State

old behavior’s      skills                                           new behavior’s

old thoughts         techniques                             new thoughts

old feelings            resources                               new feelings

Based upon groundbreaking research by Russian scientist, Doctor Ivan Pavlov back in 1903, and subsequent experiments by others, NLP developed the simple concept of Anchor techniques.

An anchor is simply a connection between a stimulus and a certain emotional response.

Common naturally occurring anchors include the auditory stimulus of a favorite song or the olfactory stimulus of a familiar smell, which elicits a feeling memory or physiological state. The visual stimulus of a green traffic light elicits the triggering of specific foot movements in a driver. They are conditioned responses.

In NLP we create anchors, or conditioned responses as behavioral resources, which can be triggered upon demand or automatically (with regular practice).

If a person recalls memories of an intense emotional state, and at the peak of that memory experience they apply a specific physical trigger, such as a physical feeling or a unique piece of music, then all the events become connected neurologically. With repetition, the unconscious learns the new physical trigger and the specific physical feeling or music together automatically cause the new emotional state.

At Internet Hypnosis dot Shop we combine the auditory stimulus of specific music, which is exclusive to this feeling memory or physiological state, plus the imagined visual stimulus of your unconscious memory, and specific subliminal suggestions.

For example: Subject ‘SUCCESS’;

You hear unlimited SUCCESS (unique sound)
You smell unlimited SUCCESS (unique smell)
You taste unlimited SUCCESS (unique taste)
You feel unlimited SUCCESS (unique feeling)
You breathe unlimited SUCCESS (deep breathing in)
You think unlimited SUCCESS
You do unlimited SUCCESS
You are unlimited SUCCESS
You be unlimited SUCCESS
Everything is unlimited SUCCESS
Live unlimited SUCCESS

Using this simple effective technique at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop you can anchor specific physical and exclusive music triggers to specific desired positive emotional states.

Therefore, you can move from old unwanted emotional states across to desired positive emotional states – on demand. That would be a good thing, would it not?

We perceive the world through our main five senses (humans have about 20 senses), and think about it also in terms of visual images, sounds, words or music, feelings (sensations and emotions) smells and tastes, and an important subcategory of sound called internal dialogue. Within these representational systems are the qualities, or sub modalities, of these representations.

Working with other sub modalities can also be helpful: clients can be asked to represent good health to themselves in a number of ways – a clearly focused, life-sized, realistic colour, three-dimensional moving picture, complete with movement and sound, of what they would be like in a state of well-being, projected into wherever they see the future, can help shape their entire system into a movement towards that way of being.

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Just use your imagination, your memories, and have fun with it.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world’

william-shakepeare. Welcome The Authentic Self min
William Shakespeare

People sometimes ask me:

“Does anchoring work?” The answer is: “We have been creating anchors to emotional states all our lives. Maybe we did not realize it?”

Actually animals do exactly the same thing – it is a natural learning process for your unconscious.

“How long does an anchor last?’ The answer is: “It really depends how strong the emotional memory you use, and the number of repetitions. NLP Anchors can be effective from a few days to a few months, maybe even longer. Naturally occurring anchors can last a life time.”

“Can I repeat this NLP anchoring technique?” The answer is: “Absolutely. Anchoring works better with repetition. The more you listen and do it, the better the results. So do often, make it automatic and it can last indefinitely.”

The five keys to a successful NLP anchor are:

1. The intensity of the experience.
2. The timing of the anchor.
3. The uniqueness of the anchor.
4. The replication of the stimulus.
5. The number of times.

A helpful Mnemonic device I T U R N

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Master Hypnotist (hypnotherapist) and master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Peter Zapfella, has professionally written and recorded MP3 downloads using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and subliminal techniques for Internet Hypnosis dot Shop. ‘Unlimited Anchors’ will be included in the ‘ULTRA’ range of NLP downloads as part of the ‘Complete Packages’ at Internet Hypnosis dot Shop.

‘UNLIMITED NLP ANCHORS’. This technique requires the listener to stop everything, relax, listen and focus (‘do’ in the mind). Do not drive or use machinery at the same time. Most people will get short term benefits from this technique after listening just a few times. The more it is used the better the long term results.

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