Talking Hypnosis

Talking Hypnosis Radio Show is aired at 11.00AM (+8 GMT) Sundays on 1Life.Radio
Past episodes are also available at and the Talking Hypnosis FaceBook page

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Podcast is a word, which combines ‘pod’ as in the Apple iPod device and ‘cast’ as in ‘broadcast’. A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio blogs which can be accessed from computers, tablets, mobile (smart) phones and other devices which can play media files from the Internet. 
Peter Zapfella has a broadcasting background dating from 1982. He produced voice overs for radio and Tv commercials and has appeared on various TV documentaries and the Don Lane Show in Australia. More recently he has been a regular on ‘The Couch’ on Foxtel.
Peter would like to chat with people (usually via Skype, FaceTime or Viber) for his weekly radio show and podcast, who have an interesting story to tell. He is also interested to interview hypnosis and psychotherapy professionals.

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