Corona Virus

“…randomized controlled studies that have been conducted to date, (show that Skype Therapy) tele-mental health has demonstrated equivalent efficacy compared to face-to-face care in a variety of clinical settings…” Richardson LKFrueh BCGrubaugh ALEgede LElhai JDCurrent Directions in Videoconferencing Tele-Mental Health Research.

Who benefits of Skype Therapy?

  • Those people who want to avoid close contact with others due to Covid-19 (Corona) and other communicable diseases, including influenza.
  • People who live in remote locations, where access to professional health care is limited or unavailable.
  • People who live and work in foreign countries where fluent English speaking therapists are few and far between
  • Those who have transport and mobility difficulties.
  • Even if you don’t you can avoid annoying heavy traffic and tedious public transport.
  • Sufferers of anxieties, fears and phobia’s that limit their social interactions beyond the home.
  • Clients who cannot get away from family or work commitments during normal ‘office hours’.
  • No need to put on ‘make-up’ and dress for an outing. Just stay in ‘at home’ clothes.
  • People who choose to see a health professional who is located beyond their geographical location (perhaps for privacy reasons), and
  • People who choose to have their one-on-one treatment with Peter Zapfella, because of their own past experiences or his reputation for getting fast, effective results.

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